My homestay family | Erasmus blog Istanbul, Turkey

My homestay family

Istanboul is a beatiful city. They are a lots of amazings places museums and churches. I studiying hard after I visit the park with my friends. 

I live in a department with a lovely family here in Istanboul. Kadir is a doctor and his wife Leyla is a nurse. They've got a son Khan. Her loves pets and playing soccer. We live near the metro station so, it's easy to get to the university.

My best friend Melek. She is from Colombia and she lives near my hause with the Aslam family. We going to the cinema while we watch the films eating popcorn.

I like my Asian Studies  course at the university very much. It's a really interesting course and the teachers are good professionals. I like to study American history when I got back to Ecuador next year. 

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