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  • Fun, sociable 26 year old male, looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt

    Hello good people, I'm an upcoming student of TH Ingolstadt, looking for long term accommodation in a shared apartment. Kindly share any leads if possible, I would be very grateful. My monthly budget is around 450 EUR. I am a fun, sociable person, who likes to cook in...

    7 days ago
  • Accommodation Needed

    Hello folks, I'm upcoming student of TH Ingolstadt. I'm looking for accommodation mostly studio room, if not I'm comfortable to shared apparent also.If any one have details pls share me. My monthly budget is around 650 euro . My course is automotive production...

    9 days ago
  • Im 22 year man, as for persuing masters degree from Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. im looking for a accommodation in Ingolsta

    Im looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt, im a non smoker, non drinker, and im confortable with any type of appartment shared, private.                                                                                       ...

    14 days ago
  • 20 year male bachelor looking for accommodation in ingolstadt

    Hello, I'm Divyanshu Rathore, and I've been accepted into THI Ingolstadt as a exchange student for my bachelor's program starting in the summer intake of '24. I'm currently looking for long-term accommodation in Ingolstadt, preferably starting from around March 1st,...

    2 months ago
  • 20 year old male Bachelor's student looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt

    Hello,I'm Annirudh Dubey and I've received admission in KU Ingolstadt for my bachelors in winter intake '23. I'm searching for accommodation in Ingolstadt starting from around November 1st, 2023. I'll be arriving near this date. Also I'm from Odisha but been in Gujarat...

    3 months ago
  • International student at THI looking for accommodation

    Hello, My name is Liyanda Ncube I am an incoming international student studying Computer Science and AI at THI. I am 18 years old and from Zimbabwe. I don't smoke, drink alcohol, have any pets and am quiet but sociable. I'm looking for a friendly place to live in...

    4 months ago
  • 23 year old Master Student looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt

    Hello everybody, I am Berkin Toy. I am going to start my Master education in Renewable Energy System at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. I am looking for all types of accommodation. Currently, I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I will move in Ingolstadt at mid of...

    4 months ago
  • 23 year old male student from India looking for clean and friendly accommodation in Ingolstadt

    Hello, I'm Rithvik, a 23-year-old from Bangalore, India. I worked as a Software Engineer and will soon pursue a Master's in User Experience Design at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. I'm seeking independent accommodation that offers privacy and a quiet atmosphere for...

    5 months ago
  • 22 year old boy looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt for an internship this summer

    Hey there, I'm not picky, as long as everyone respects their own living space and pays the rent I'm fine with it. I'm interested in meeting people from all over the world and I'm open to the idea of meeting new people. I'm a basketball fan and a geek on the edge and I'm...

    one year ago
  • Two young married 24 year olds, looking for rooms, apartments or guesthouses in Ingolstadt.

    Two young married 24 year olds looking for rooms, apartments or guesthouses in Ingolstadt. My name is Jordan and we are visiting, enjoying the honeymoon and looking for a place for two months. The exact time is from November 14 to January 13. It can be in the vicinity...

    4 years ago
  • 23 year old, looking for an accommodation close to THI

    Hi! Im Sujay jairaman from india a student prospective at THI for 2019-2020. Looking out for a single / shared apartment which is close to THI. I would like to have my accommodation from 24th of October. If anybody is looking for an apartment share as such do let me...

    4 years ago
  • I'm 21 year old boy , looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt

    Hi...I'm Roland ...I'm looking for a room  I want to stay there at least for three months ... I'm not a noisy person ...I used to live before in shared rooms ....and I like it very much  I'm  really friendly, I don't like to disturb other people's  I'm able to help...

    5 years ago
  • 21 year olf French Intern is looking for a room in a shared flat

    I'm a french student of Toulouse Business School and I'm coming in Ingolstadt for a six month internship. During this period I really would like to meet new people and I think flatsharing is the best way to do so.  I have already leaved in a shared flat, I like doing...

    6 years ago
  • 23 year old boy easily sociable with,looking for accommodation in Munich.

    Am Ugandan born. I love movies and easily sociable and respects people regardless of there age,culture or race.   Am open to any kind of accomodation and look forward to a wonderful partnership with the host in that sense a roommate. OTHER activities I love doing is...

    6 years ago
  • Hi ! I'm a 21 year old student coming to Ingolstatd for an internship

    Hi !  I'm a French student coming for an internship in Manching. I like to travel, I love speaking Spanish, English and know nothing of German but would love to learn (any German speakers looking to learn French here ?!)  I like cycling, swimming, cooking, travelling,...

    7 years ago
  • Male looking for accomodation in Ingolstadt.

    I'm a 21 years old single male from Brazil, looking for single apartament in a Hall of residence, close to Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. Move in date: March, 2017. I will stay in Ingolstadt for a whole year.                                      ...

    7 years ago
  • 21 year old student looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt

    I am student of Industrial Engineering from Mexico, that it´s going to an exchange program in the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt for the Summer Semester. I am looking for an aparment to stay for the whole Semester from March 1st, 2017 to August 1st, 2017. I am...

    7 years ago
  • young boys , looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt.

    Hi, I am Ishan Mistry from India,  and I got admission in Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. I will be moving to Ingolstadt in the first week of October. I am looking for Accommodation.  If anybody is looking for appartment share. Please let me know, and contact me.

    7 years ago
  • 23 years old student looking for accommodation in Ingolstadt

    I'm a 23 years old french student. I'm friendly, calm, and i like to go out and drink with friend. I like to cook, read and watch movies. I also practice sport (surf, yoga, climbing, tennis, etc). I'm going to study in Katholische Universitat of Ingolstadt from march 21...

    7 years ago
  • 23 year old guy, looking for accomodation in Ingolstadt

    I'am a Finnish exchange student and my studies have WFI business school. I want to rent the apartment for the period 1.4 -15.8. Will be happy to close the university.                                                                    ...

    8 years ago

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