Ibiza - Spain's life force


In the middle of the Balearic Sea, lies a boho fairyland of sandy beaches and yoga retreats. The entire country of Spain’s concept of gratification beams from this patch. That’s right. It’s like a holy retreat, a destination with its own rules. A part of it is a temple for all the wicked, superficial things a man desires: money, sex, and antidotes. Here, all that is unprincipled and flimsy in Spanish Culture has been overhauled into a sparkling mold, covered in magic and somehow made right. It’s dazzling and flawed at the same time. Ibiza is more than just an island in the middle of wide waters; it’s a part of Spain’s life force itself.

Palm Trees, blue water, and massive resorts on either side of the route, a two-lane road jammed with fancy restaurants and clubs. As you walk down it, you’re surrounded by bikini babes, beach beds and gigantic beach resorts- like somewhere Super Mario would live. The whole city is like a theme park. It’s Willy Wonka meets the world - and glitz. I expect to see piranhas to come and drown the entire island like a movie set. It’s that kind of place. It’s extraordinary. But damn right it is fun. In a single day, you can drown in the sun gaze, get lost in a club, have dinner with flamenco dancers around and end up in the red light district with weird old people cramming for some pleasure. You can see the men surfing huge waves, girls wooing after every sentence they speak, flamenco dancers tapping their feet till they’re numb, girls dressed in nothing but paint in the clubs. Everything is reckless, blitzed and loud. World’s best DJ’s like Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and Hardwell crave to play their sets in Ibiza. In fact, Martin Garrix recently got his own residency at Ushua, Ibiza where he’s going to perform every Friday for July and August. Can you believe it? The 21-year-old legendary artist who plays sets in music festivals like Tomorrowland and Coachella living and playing in Ibiza for two months? That’s so impressive. Everyone's a clubber in Ibiza. Even the shopkeepers, doctors and housewives. The island's economy is based purely on clubbing. At the airport, you are asked to show your best moves to gain access, which is quite uncomfortable for a few tourists from different religions but is acceptable, and the locals just love it.

And being out there, in the middle of the water makes you think that this is the place right where you belong. Away from the busy skyline, traffic jams, and tough life, you see Ibiza for what it is: a magical paradise in a wilderness of silence and sea water. “Travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer” some anonymous geezer once said. And he’s right: At some point, travel brings love and power back in your life. It makes you rich with memories, and at this point, I totally agree with what Avicii says in his music video - “The Nights” - “I wanna be remembered for the life I’ve lived, not for the money I made”. Ibiza is all about making this wish come true. So in the context of numeric digits, Ibiza gets a 100/100 from my side. It’s a world of its own rights.

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 What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza

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  • Mohammed Hesham 4 years ago

    Very well written peony. I really hope you win. Good luck and God bless.

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