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dorm offered by the ion incu univercity

So what to say .... as an Italian girl when I see you offered on the website the possibility of staying in Bucharest for 70 euros a month or so I think wowwww, I'll save a lot of money !! Considering that generally a room in an apartment in Bucharest costs 250 euros a month yes, it is a saving, but you do not expect good conditions: the only good property is the fixtures. Then the rooms are mini apartments with two rooms and a bathroom. every room with two beds, so the density is 4 people in two rooms with a bathroom. Only in one apartment is the division different: 1 person in the single room, 4 in a room with 2 bunk beds and a tiny sitting area. Obviously mattresses impregnated with stains from the unknown origin. Crunchy floors but oh well, some cockroaches. Passable. But know that when we arrived we were without hot water for 1 month. only now have they fixed it. 1 MONTH WITH FROST WATER, YES. another flaw: no washing machine, or rather 3 broken washing machines that the university has no intention of repairing, so we wash by hand. No electric oven in the kitchen, only stove and microwave. Lapitura is not in the center but 40 minutes on foot to go downtown. However, residence is not the worst thing. The worst thing is the ION MINCU university let me know. Ah and of course they don t have any program at all for erasmus, they just don t care about us, they just want our mony, you will feel it if u will go .

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