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downcast. We understand how things work here at ION MINCU: 1) YOU STUDY A LOT (especially for projects since the level is very high here)

2. Nobody gives you anything: your erasmus status doesn't count a shit here, they only speak from behind in their language and then switch to English to change.

3. You must follow the lessons every time because it is essential for them

4. You have to spend a lot of money on tables, models, books and so on because they care about how you present your ideas.
5. if you need to do 30/35 credits, forget the weekend trips. you will be exhausted (the courses are from morning to 8.30 am at 5.30 pm, sometimes also on Fridays).

Ok. Assimilated this I must specify that in my background I have a FANTASTIC ERASMUS IN PATRAS (Greece) with loving professors a stimulating environment rather than a competitive one etc .... therefore here in bucharest I think like: mh ok is tough, but if I go to the courses, I follow , I make corrections x Laboratories will be lenient to the examination (as they were forgiving in Greece). NO it is not so at the ion mincu of bucharest. Count the final product.

Well today I had my first design exam, 4 CFU, only 4 CFU, developed in 3 weeks e. Mezzo (because this was the time available, the courses started on October 1st and the exam was today or November 29th). I worked on it, I'm not stupid, I don't want to fail, I've done many reviews with prof. I arrive at the exam, I explain the concept and they look at me with sufficiency and contempt. The model does not even give him a glance, they are not in the least interested in my work. They criticize me and say that my project is meaningless and not architecture. Thank you and, I'm going to sit down. I burst into tears (I'm not whining but I can't stand all this pressure anymore). They notice me and try to cheer me up but they only make the situation worse. We are leaving. I don't know the outcome, I don't know if I passed it or not, but I'll let you know. I TELL MY EXPERIENCE BECAUSE I HOPE YOU VIVELY THAT THE FUTURE OF ERASMUS YOU CAN GO IN A BETTER PLACE OF THIS, HERE AND BORNE BUT. I DON'T TALK ABOUT THE PLACE I M SPEACKING ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY. DON T EVER GO TO ION MINCU. I VE BEEN IN ERASMUS N PATRAS ( GRECE ) PREVIOUS YEAR AND IT WAS JUST THE HEAVEN OF ERASMUS! ALSO FOR US ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS I CAME BACK WITH MAXIMUM GRADES AND VERY SATYSFAID ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE. IF YOU HAVE THE POSSIBILITY GO THERE OR ANYWHERE ELSE ! ALSO THE ESN YEAR IS NOT GOOD ORGANIZED. YOU MIGHT BE ALONE IN BUCHAREST.

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