Trigueros and its festivals


Trigueros is a little town of Huelva, located 20 km from the city and next to Beas; the place I mentioned to you in a previous blog where my family has a little house in the countryside.

Also, my parents renewed their vows in the town church and afterwards we celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in our country house last September.

Trigueros is famous for being the town with the most celebrations throughout Huelva, so I am going to tell you about the most highlighted and important ones for those of you who are there for Erasmus. From the Damas station, there are buses that go to Trigueros every day. It does not seem like there is much of a variety with the timetables but you can travel to the town without any problems.

The most well known are the 'Patronales de San Antonio Abad' celebrations, which take place on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of the last week in January.

On the Sunday, the mayor 'delivers' the Saint to the people, after which a procession is carried out where the Saint is in the street for more than 30 hours.

The funniest thing about the celebration is when the people throw bread and other things to the crowd as an offering to the Saint and this is why it has become the most well known celebration in Andalusia and in Spain.

The 'Day of the candles' on 16 January is not exactly celebrated but it is fun because the town is kept alive by the bonfires that are at the doors of houses, with neighbours gathered around.

Also, you can't forget the blessing of animals and the third procession. Equally, the transfer and the Saturday Vespers and the return to the chapel on Monday, a day in which there is free wine for all of the citizens of Triguero and visitors in general.

The Sunday resurrection causes a mass departure to the countryside by all of the inhabitants of the town in wagons or in normal cars to celebrate the Passion and the arrival of Spring. On this day people usually eat caldereta (goat meat stew), hornazo ( Spanish meat pie) and lettuce.

Trigueros and its festivals.


The 'Verbena de San José Obrero' is at the end of April until the beginning of May. This is also celebrated in many neighbourhoods in the capital.

In Trigueros they celebrate in the Triana neighbourhood, where there are performances by flamenco groups, humorists, dances, sports competitions, exhibitions... in addition to the small attractions for children. For a few years there has been a country rally.

The 'Cruz de Pedrancha' is on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the third week of May in the Tres Picos neighbourhood, the biggest of the Trigueros. They celebrate it with performances by flamenco and flamenco groups and a large number of visitors come to see it. There are also chiringuitos (a small enterprise, usually a bar, selling mainly drinks and tapas), tombola and an amusement park.

The 'Fiesta de la Virgen de Carmen' (the Patron of the town) is celebrated on the Saturday following 16 July. There is a regular veranda and sports competitions. In the afternoon the procession of the Virgin takes place.

That same day a there is a facade decoration contest that is celebrated.

The 'Capeas' or bull celebrations are celebrated in the last few days of August and the first few days in September.

The fair is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the last week in October.

It is a tradictional fair with their nougat, chestnuts and apple stalls, tombolas, booths, attractions and other things.

The cultural week does not have a fixed date, normally it is in Autumn and you can see different works of theatre, cinema, concerts, exhibitions and other things.

The 'Fiesta de la Música' is a traditional and musical event of the town regarding the festivity of 'Santa Cecilia'. It happens during a Sunday in November, in which different musical groups from Trigueros participate in a big concert with other groups invited from Andalusia.

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