Nightlife in Huelva

Huelva, despite being a small town, has a good night life for both minors and adults.

When I was about 16 years old, Alameda was the most popular night club, then it was renamed Consorcio and now it is called Consorcio white.

While most clubs in other cities in Spain kick minors out at around 11pm, we were allowed to stay in Alameda until 1am, which although isn't that late, made us feel very old.

Usually, the entry was 6 euros and to get the tickets, we had to buy them off the club rep in the city centre, or we could get the tickets on the door but it was more expensive.

At that time, most people were out drinking on the streets, however now, we have a specific location where we are allowed to drink. Although it is quite cold because it is in the Port of Huelva.

Huelva's popular clubs changes frequently, but at the moment lots of people go and drink at the port, after having a few drinks at the Merced. The area near the Cathedral is also popular, and then go to Buddha or another club, although there aren't many great ones at the moment.

It is also common drink in the Plaza de la Merced, although it is not allowed.

Exceptions are made, of course, on New Year's Eve, when everyone meets in this square and then afterwards, continue the party at the bars.

If we want to go to Buddha, we have to go to the shopping centre, The Aqalon, which is near the port. For this reason, many people stay longer drinking in the Port, and then go directly to the Buda nightclub, so that they don't have to go to and fro, from the Merced and back.

Normally the entrance to this club is free, although you must be well dressed, especially if you're a boy, otherwise you might be refused entry.

For me, the club is a little too mature, ie too many people over 30 years so I would not say it's a great club. The music is not bad, but they play a large variety. The club itself isn't that big and nothing really stands out for me.

The problem with Huelva is that, during exam season, or at any time that isn't the summer, there is almost no one in the clubs.

Of course, in summer, all these bars and nightclubs are filled with people from Punta, the local beach. The full name is Puntaumbria and it is one of the busiest beaches in Huelva, and it is great to go there in the summer.

A few years ago, it was popular to drink on Calle Ancha in Huelva, perpendicular to where all the bars are. However, a lot of people that lived in the area were disturbed by all the drunk people and it was always a mess for people walking that way the day after. So we were given an official place to drink, a 'botellódromo', the same as there is in the capital. This place is called "La H" and is right next to the clubs, which helps to prevent accidents, since previously, a lot of people drove to get from here to the clubs because it was a little far.

The main clubs are Agrippina and Consorcio, although they both belong to the same owner, they are very different.

Agrippina is a really good summer club, open air and it has great music. Up to two years ago, it was the busiest club in the city. Instead, Consorcio is more suited to bad weather as it has a roof, and is a lot bigger, but it also becomes a popular club in the summer.

Punta also has another club in a different area, if I recall, years ago it was called Capital Caribe. This club belonged to the owner of the old Alameda de Huelva. Years ago, there was a serious fire there and the building collapsed, and until then, it was the only club that young people could go to in Huelva.

At the time, I had just finished high school and everyone would always go to the famous Alameda, so that year they were forced to go to Punta, even outside of the summer season. So my end of school party was on the beach, which made it even better. This nightclub was really cool from what I remember. It had an indoor dance floor, and also several bars and open space areas with a lot of very cool décor. It was also on the beach, so it was perfect for going to sit on the sand and take in some fresh air.

I don't know if today there are still open, because apparently, the owner did not have enough funds to keep running it. But it has been a while since I have been out in Punta, so I don't know if someone new has bought it or whether it is still open.

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