My secrets into living in Huelva

I’ve been to many holiday destinations throughout the world, but none of them beats this feeling right now living in Huelva. To be honest, the main reason I travelled to Huelva on Erasmus was because of the good weather, but now I am so thankful that I picked Huelva for many other reasons. My two friends and I arrived to Huelva with no Spanish at all and our first impressions weren’t the best. We couldn’t even order something for dinner! Three weeks down the line my Spanish has grown day by day if it’s one word or two, but it is still progressing. Huelva is big, everyday we explore somewhere new which is an incredible feeling. If someone weres to ask me where my favourite site in Huelva is, my answer is along the promenade and the bridge ‘Muelle del Tinto’.

For me, exercise, which I use mainly for distressing, is a big enough part of my life. If you continue walking along the water at the bridge there is a stunning towpath hidden away. If peace is what you need, this is definitely the spot for you. It is magnificent in my eyes.

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