Choosing a city for your Erasmus studies

Hi everyone! My name is Martina and this is my first post dedicated to all the students planning to do their Erasmus in Spain. Spain is a huge country, divided into regions which are all unique in their own way. I understand if you cannot really decide which city to choose, but let me help here and share with you some guidelines on how to pick up a city.

When I decided I was going to Spain there were two important things to consider. Firstly, I had to find a partner university which offered the classes corresponding to my field of studies so that I was able to earn credits necessary for passing the semester; and secondly, what atmosphere of the city I was looking for. By this I mean if you want to live in a big, or small city, if you want to stay inland or rather closer to the beach.

Tip: I suggest you sit down and write on a piece of paper what would you like to do in the city. Example: I want to be able to go to the beach after the classes. I love museums and history. I don´t like traffic jams and stress of big cities.

If you come up with at least 5 points like this, you will get a clearer idea of a city which will suit you the best.

For those of you who feel like I felt when I chose Andalusia, in my next post you can read more about this region and its pecularities.

Choosing a city for your Erasmus studies

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