20 degrees, it will be roasting!!!

The weather forecast gives 20 degrees celsius as the temperature everyday, which is music to Irish students' ears as we are lucky to get one or two days of this weather in summer! It would seem that shorts, tops and dresses and so forth is all I would be wearing. So when I was doing my packing, I packed my case with majority of summer stuff with a small minority of clothing being jeans and trousers and hoodies, thinking I'll likely not be wearing these.

Boy, was I wrong. As you get used to the weather, 20 degrees doesn't seem that warm anymore and evenings I merely think of my cosy dressing gown and home wishing I had it to put it on. As our apartment is in the shade, it can be quite chilled so we have heaters in each room in our house to heat it up at night times when it gets cold, but the moral of the story is, be aware it does be cold enough if you don't have the right clothing.

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