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How to deal with reverse culture shock after returning from abroad

Published by flag-vn Jen VuHuong — 4 years ago

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Have you ever had reverse culture shock after returning from abroad? What did you do to deal with it?


For me, it was a problem that I could not deal with it well after returning from Europe. I believe we all can deal with it as long as we make up our mind before returning.

When I was in Europe, I still kept my burning desire of establishing an international organization for soft skills learning and travelling services. I thought I prepared well enough with all the business plan and enthusiasm, not with financial preparation. Most importantly, I didn’t make up my mind seriously; I was more like to get good results with.

I came back Vietnam and I had reverse culture-shock and I left Vietnam. I feel thankful to share with you that I just came back Vietnam recently and ready to deal with whatever it takes. If I leave Vietnam again, it won’t because of running away, it would be in the case it is a better choice for me.

I would like to share the tips to deal with the case:

Wrap up the time staying abroad

  • What things you have done well so keep up the momentum.
  • What things you have not done yet so learn from it.
  • What are the lessons learned.
  • What are the people who matter to your life to stay in touch.
  • Whether things you have done move you towards your mission in life?

Make up your mind before returning

  • What are the reasons for you to return home?
  • Is it the best choice? If not, what is the better one? Is it staying abroad?

If you find that, staying abroad is a better choice but you think there is no way to do it. So, I am here to share with you that there may be a way but you have not tried to find it yet.

After you tried different ways, going home is still only one choice; you need to set up your mind that “you can make it become a great choice”. There is no bad choice but people make it bad.

Acknowledge the fact that you won’t feel the same when you get home but you will do whatever it takes to achieve your purposes and remember you will prepare well all needed information before going back.

Congratulations, you made up your mind to go home, it is time to make an action plan


  • Do research.
  • Find an accommodation if you don’t have yet.
  • Prepare transportation when you get back.
  • Find a job in advance or make a business plan to start your own business.
  • Action plan for 1st day, 1st week, 1st month, 3 months after returning home.
  • Make an every day prioritized list.
  • Give yourself a break.
  • You deserve a break after moving away from home.
  • Visit your family, friends, favourite coffee shops, etc.

When you return home:

  • Acknowledge any weird feeling which means you have changed for better as your home may do.
  • Just keep the journal.
  • Get things in the prioritized list done.
  • Try to make the best use of any opportunities or changes in your country.
  • Stay motivated and persistent.
  • Remember you have achieved something from abroad so you will do everything better now.

I think the most important thing is the readiness of doing whatever it takes alongside with a clear purpose in life as well as a good preparation.

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