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Saturnias Baths

Saturnias' baths are one of the most beautiful natural attraction we have in Italy. Thermal water floats on the surface and plumps both the natural and the artificial baths. The difference is that the natural ones are free and the artificial ones are very expensive!

Obviously, I have been to the natural baths... the pools are on different levels and the water gets cooler as the high decreases. In the highest pool the thermal water forms small and warm cascade.

Saturnias' Baths

There, in the warm water, with small cascades falling on your shoulders you can stay for hours. It was the most relaxing experience I have ever had.

Saturnias' Baths

You can also stretch your towel and sunbath. It is not the most comfortable place to tan but in a place like this you must settle.

You will also find there a bar where you can grab something to eat and, what's important, take a shower and use a bathroom!

Important: pay attention to the water, as it is full of sulfur not only it stinks (it doesn't smell like rotten eggs like for example in Larderello as the concentration of sulfur is not that high) but it also gives you drowsiness! So be careful and get a nap before driving!

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