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Band concert at Cafe Uhu

Published by Grgo Petrov — 5 years ago

My second Saturday evening in Graz I decided to go out with my flatmates after an invitation for the concert of the band Gebrüder Jakob (and friends of my flatmates) at the cafe Uhu.

This was also my first "going out" somewhere in Graz since I came here so I was looking forward and thankful that my flatmates also invited me, otherwise I would spend my evening at home writing blog or sneaking around alone.

So, we stayed there for about 2 hours, from 9 p. m. till 11 p. m. , ate something and enjoyed the good music.

Location and how to reach it?

Band concert at Cafe Uhu


The Uhu Cafe is located in Leonhardstraße 83 which is about 1, 5 kilometres away from the Jakomini Platz (Central Transfer Point) and it takes about max 15 minutes to get there from Jakomini by foot.

We used the tram lines 1 (Eggenberg-Mariatrost) and 7 (Wetzelsdorf-St. Leonhard) and we got out at Merangasse I think. The bar should be about 10-15 meters from the both tram stations.

There is also a place to lock your bikes (as everywhere in Graz).

Band concert at Cafe Uhu

The bar does not look somewhat noticeable from the outside so it might happen you just pass by it.

The interior and the atmosphere inside

Once we entered it I noticed it was full of guests and it was difficult to find a place to sit. There are about 4-5 bigger tables each for 4-5 persons right after the entrance and then a small passage leading to another room with the bar.

These two rooms are also smoking-areas which can be noticed especially later when the crowds gather up. I heard some people were complaining about this because the air was full of smoke and they ordered. I have not experienced that because... there is another room for non-smokers. Go left to the bar through a short passage and you will enter another square like room where you can breathe without danger!

Since it was not that dark as in the first room I had a look around the area. The walls have darker tones of coloured tiles till the half of the wall and on the rest you can find many figurative and some abstract paintings hanging on the wall. But the atmosphere is pretty cosy.

The concert and the meal

Band concert at Cafe Uhu

We sat around the tables that were situated along the walls making some space for the band on the other side. It was a bit crowded for the first part of the concert as many people came. And the thing here is that you come to listen to the bands and enjoy the food and drink at the same time. Like a live radio in 3D while having a dinner.

Band concert at Cafe Uhu

The concert lasted for about more than an hour and we all ordered pizzas and beer. I ordered the big one for about 6, 5 Euros and indeed the pizza was big. I almost ate everything but was full since had the dinner already 2 hours earlier. The pizza was really delicious and despite many orders there we did not have to wait long for it.

The waiters and the staff in general are young and very friendly.

In conclusion

The place is not that far away from the center (I had to walk home as I had no more money for the ticket and did not want to pay anyway) and is pretty cosy. The working staff is doing their job pretty good and no complaints here. The interior has both space for the smokers and non-smokers so everyone can be happy. The look of the interior is not the best and attractive but you go there to hang out with friends and enjoy the good food and affordable prices.

Thanks for reading!

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