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Wooden Eiffel Tower

Published by Dalila Spahic — 18 days ago

Radiostacja or Radio Tower in Gliwice is around 118m tall wooden building and is called The Wooden Eiffel Tower. It's made only out of timber and when you see it, you'll understand why they named it after famous Parisian Tower. 

It's actually the tallest in Europe and it's located in upper part of this wonderful city. You can take the bus to go close to it, or you can always rent a nextbike and do some work at the same time. 

Around the structure you have wonderful park with greenery and different equipment that you can use to have fun. Also, you can just take some things with you and have a great picnic up there. 

When I saw it for the first time, it left me speechless and since then, I was returning during my stay at least once in two weeks.

Wooden Eiffel Tower

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