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  • Radiostacja

    Radiostacja or Radio Tower in Gliwice is around 118m tall wooden building and is called The Wooden Eiffel Tower. It's made only out of timber and when you see it, you'll understand why they named it after famous Parisian Tower.  It's actually the tallest in Europe and...

    0 by Dalila, in What to see Gliwice, one year ago
  • Rynek

    I've spent my Erasmus there and I can tell you that this is my second home. The main square Rynek is really beautiful place, with a lot of different buildings. You can find almost anything there - restaurants, bars, coffee chops, bookstore, pancake factory, church, pubs...

    0 by Dalila, in What to see Gliwice, one year ago
  • polsko wloski - pasta express

    The place is located close to supermarkets Aldi and Biedronka, is really beautiful and cozy place. Staff speaks English, so it was really easy to comunicate with them. Tey are super polite and will make sure that you spend nice time there. If you want to just take a...

    0 by Dalila, in Where to eat Gliwice, one year ago

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