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My Erasmus Experience in Galway, Ireland by Elena

Why did you choose to go to Galway, Ireland?

I had heard great things about Galway. I was told that it was very friendly, there were always people who wanted to party in the street and in the pub and it's well located for visiting beautiful places around Connemara.

My Erasmus Experience in Galway, Ireland by Elena


How long is your Erasmus scheme? How much does your grant add up to?

The scheme lasts one month and I receive a grant of 470 euros, in addition to my usual grants in France.

What is student life like in Galway?

It's amazing. The city is always lively, you can meet super people and you feel wonderful there.

Would you recommend Galway to other students?

Absolutely! It's the city in Ireland I recommend the most! Dublin is great too but nothing beats Galway!

What's the food like in Ireland?

There are good fish and chips. You can find specialities in restaurants. On the other hand, supermarkets here are less well stocked than in France, but it's not a big problem.

Did you find it hard to find accomodation in Galway?

Yes, it found it really difficlt to find somewhere for just a month. That's why I chose to stay in youth hostels and I haven't regretted it once! It's an inexpensive solution for a short stay, and there's no better way to meet great people.

What's the cost of living in Galway?

It's relatively high. Alcohol is particuarly expensive - it's better to go for a good pint in a pub!

My Erasmus Experience in Galway, Ireland by Elena


Is it easy to understand the language? Have you been to language classes organised by the university?

Irish people have an adorable accent which I personally find quite understandable. I haven't been to any language classes but through my internship and meeting people, I've been able to improve my English.

What's the cheapest way to travel to Galway from your city?

By plane; there are cheap flights from Nantes to Dublin. Then you can travel by coach ("Bus Eireann") which is affordable and has good transport links throughout Ireland.

What places would you recommend for partying in Galway?

In general, all the pubs in the city centre, for example the Quays and Stanhill. Traditional Irish music and guaranteed atmosphere!

What about eating in Galway? What are your favourite places?

Pubs, there are also lots of fast food restaurants.

What are the must-see cultural spots?

Galway city museum, there are also tour-operators who offer visits to the Cliffs of Moher and so many other places!

Have you got any advice for future students who are going to Galway soon?

Enjoy yourself! Stay in a youth hostel if you're not there for long, if not, go for a flatshare. Truly make the most of it because it's a unique city!

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