Luisa's Erasmus Experience in Galway, Ireland | Erasmus experience Galway
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Luisa's Erasmus Experience in Galway, Ireland

Translated by A M — one year ago

Original text by Luisa Koch

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Why did you decide to go to Galway, Ireland?

I had heard that in comparison to Dublin, Galway is much more close-knit and the the pub culture is more lively.

How is student life in Galway?

There are various opportunities to go on nights out in pubs. NUIG also organise sport activities.

Would you recommend Galway's city and university to other students?


Did you have to pay to find accommodation in Galway?

Yes, I arranged accommodation through Homestay, but I wouldn't recommend this.

Is the language easy to understand? Does the university offer language classes?

The Irish have a strong accent.

Where is the best place to go out to in Galway, in your opinion?

The Front Door - Pub

O Conners - Pub

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