Buses in Funchal, Madeira

Going around town can be an adventure on it’s own in Funchal and Madeira. The first week(s) you will be so confused of the many bus stops (paragems) with different colours and bus company names.


Madeira has in total 4 bus companies:

Horários do Funchal – Yellow buses, for urban areas (inside the city) http://www.horariosdofunchal.pt/mobile/index.php?lang=en

SAM and EACL buses – Green and Grey buses, are going to the East and North-East side of the island.

https://www.sam.pt/en/ and https://www.eacl.pt/

Rodoeste buses – red buses, mainly for West side of the island https://www.rodoeste.com.pt/


Don’t rely too much on Google maps but use the app of the bus company or take a picture of the time table of the paragems. Every time it is a guess if the bus will come on time or how to go back.

Please don’t confuse the days, the time tables are divided in 3 tables. Weekdays, Saturday and Sunday/Holidays. Of course on Sunday there are much less buses than during the week.


The buses doesn’t stop if you don’t hail the bus, and please don’t forget to ask if they can let you know where to take off the bus. Most of the bus chauffeurs can speak fluently English, sporadically who can’t. But show them were you want to be and they are willing to help you. Often I noticed the bus chauffeurs looked quite grumpy but they are very helpful and kind!

As a tourist you can buy a ticket in the bus E1.95 per ride (the ticket system is not that advanced that you can buy a retour….).

Otherwise, if you are a student at the University (Uma), you can fix a bus pass of Horários do Funchal and tickets at the University. They will have all the info you need to get one.

In summary, you need a passport photograph, your address in Madeira, E5,- for the pass and the credit. Every month you pay for the credit at the offices or automat and can use the bus as many time as you want.  


One thing I had trouble with was the way of driving…. Unfortunately I’m getting car sick quickly, so I can’t take long rides with the bus. But the streets are soooo steep, the curves are so sharp, and the they brake really harsh, so anyone with carsickness be careful!!

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