• 21 year old Intern looking for long term accommodation in Frankfurt am Main

    Hi! I have just finished studying Mathematics at Newcastle University in the UK and in September I will begin an internship in Frankfurt. My internship lasts from September until the end of June 2019 and so I will be looking for accomodation to last me this period. I...

    4 days ago
  • 29 year old Doctoral student looking for long term accommodation in Frankfurt

    Hi!! I am Neha from India. I will be pursuing PhD in Law from Goethe University starting this September. I am a non smoker, vegetarian, clean and peace loving. I am looking for shared accomodation, preferably students irrespective of gender and nationality. I am...

    5 days ago
  • 22 y.o. LLM Student looking for accommodation in Frankfurt am Main

    My name is Kajetan Sitko. I am Polish citizen, graduate from the LLB Law and Politics course at Queen Mary University in London. On 1 October 2018 I will begin an LLM Master Programme in Finance at the Institute for Law and Finance in Frankfurt am Main.  I am looking...

    7 days ago
  • Long term accommodation in need

    Hi All!  I am an 28years old architect who will start to work in frankfurt by the end of september. I am looking for a room in a shared flat preferably with girls.  For over 4 years i have lived with internationals in different cities and countries, i am easygoing,...

    14 days ago
  • Looking for one month accommodation in Frankfruit

    I am 35 year old male and I am looking for one month accomdation in Frankfruit with house contract signed. My budget is 350 to 450(Okay with any kind of room, not bothered much). Since I am staying short team I can give 50 Euros extra for Contract signed.. I am currenty...

    24 days ago
  • roommate, room

    I am Buğra. 23 years old. I am architecture student in Turkey.  3 months erasmus internship in Frankfurt. I like traveling around. I speak turkish and english.I am looking for an entertaining roommate who loves traveling.I like to meet people from different...

    25 days ago
  • Frankfurt Erasmus+ Internship (I'm lookin for 1 room and Flatshare)

    My name is Can Aksoğan and I'm male My age a 22, I' speaking only english. My max price 350 € I will do intership this summer 1 July to 22 October in Campus Riedberg. I'm looking for a 1 room or 1 flat If you have a room or flat for me to rent, please contact me.

    30 days ago
  • Erasmus Intern for P&G looking for an apartment

    I'm looking for an apartment possibly close to the station to reach Kronberg. I will work for P&G from october to february. I have no special requirements about flatmates or furnishing. I would like internet to be already in the house. I speak italian, english and a...

    one month ago
  • 26 year old logistics student looking for shared apartments..Moving to Frankfurt from Dresden to do an internship

    Clean and hygenic. No such expectations about roomates. Just need a space for a brief period. I am moving from Dresden to Frankfurt for an internship. Previously stayed in a student dorm where it was a five sharing room. Can give their references if necessary. I don’t...

    one month ago
  • Looking for a room in a shared flat- July to September- near Rodelheim

    My name is Léa ! I'm currently studying chemical and material science in an engineering school in Toulouse (France). But I am in an apprentice training and I am working with Continental Automotive in Toulouse. And I have to make an internship in Continental Frankfurt...

    one month ago
  • 25 Years old, looking for accomodation in Frankfurt

    Hi! I'm Alejandro, a Spanish neuroscientist who's keen on moving to Frankfurt because I'm going to do a research collaboration with Goethe University for 6 months at least. Moreover, I'd like to do a PhD in Germany too, so I need to learn German during my residence...

    one month ago
  • 27 year old flight attendant looking for accomodation in frankfurt area well linked to airport

    I am Italian,  will be transferred to Frankfurt airport after 5 years doing the same job in the UK. Possibly I would like sharing with coworkers, used to work shifts. I am searching for a room in an appartmente with good transport facilities, and, better if  not far...

    one month ago
  • Student looks for accommodation close to Frankfurt Airport

    Hello!Since I am starting a six-month internship at a subsidiary of Lufthansa in July, I am looking for accommodation from the beginning / middle of July to the middle of January.About me: Originally I am from Budapest (Hungary) but due to my international Bachelor and...

    one month ago
  • 20 year old girl looking for accommodation in Frankfurt from August-February

    Hi! I'm a 20 year old student at the University of York, UK studying German and Philosophy. As part of my year abroad I will be doing an internship in Frankfrut for 6 months from August 2018 - February 2019 in marketing and communications.  I'm looking to find similar...

    2 months ago
  • Looking for accommodation during my internship in Frankfurt

    I'm an easy going lad, looking for accomodation from the end of may until the end of august. Just finished ununiversity, after my internship in Germany I am going to Hong Kong to study masters, life couldnt be better, just need a nice room for three months. I dont...

    2 months ago
  • Looking for a room from May to August

    Hi everybody, I'm Augusto from Italy and I'm moving to Germany for an internship in Offenbach am Main from 1st of May until 1st of August. I'm searching for a single room in apartment or dorm fort this three months. I'm a transportation designer and I used to socialize...

    2 months ago
  • Internship

    Hi i am Sedat ,  İ am majoring Aviation Management at Anadolu University, Turkey. This summer between 1June-10 September i will be doing a summer internship at Frankfurt Airport. i am looking for a room  that i can live during internship. I can only pay rent between...

    2 months ago
  • 20 year old boy, looking for accomodation in Frankfurt for 5 Months

    20 year old, looking for an accomodation in the city, alone or with someone, not necessarily in the center but near it, at 10mins by foot max.

    2 months ago
  • 32 year old man, student, looking for accommodation in Frankfurt am Main

    Hello everyone, I am going to Frankfurt on October 2018 to study a masters in Law. I spend most of my time at home reading and studying so I value and enjoy a peaceful environment. i like history and philosophy. I am very respectful of people´s time and space. I have...

    2 months ago
  • 18 year old student looking for accommodation in Frankfurt am Main

    I am a student at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. I am taking my second semester of German and am still learning the language. I am taking a German language course during my stay and I hope to live with young people from whom I can understand more about German...

    3 months ago

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