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POC students in Florence

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I have started this this thread in hopes of connecting with more African Americansp or African student as well as WOC(women of colour)  POC (people of colour)  in general. I would like to make it a safe environment for people to connect with one another, I understand moving to a new country and being a foreign student can sometimes be daughnting and sometimes feel like your completely alone. My hope is that we can bond and also find comfort it famili faces and common cultures.

if there are any issues you'd like to discuss or advice to shar then let this be the place to do so.

i am very friendly and open to even have coffee or lunch if anyone is looking for friends and for the naturalistas and women of African descent I also braid hair if you ever need help.

look forward to meeting some cool people thanks 

Hi Lubona, 

Thank you for creating this group. I plan on studying at FDA next September in Interior Design. How long have you been there ? I would love to get some feedback on living in Florence all the tips regarding accommodation etc. 



Showing 1-2 of 2 entries


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