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Another beautiful city northern Nicaragua

Esteli Nicaragua which is called El diamante de las segovias

If you are planning to visit Nicaragua you can not dismiss this amazing city which is located in northern Nicaragua

How to get there from Managua international airport (only airport in Nicaragua)

First after you landed in Managua you first must take a taxy from Managua international airport to El Mayoreo bus station once you are in Mayoreo bus station (buses going to northern Nicaragua)

You have to look for the right bus going to Esteli

Once you found the right bus you have to go and buy a ticket which is around 85 cordobas (2.90 dollars)

Then you have to look for your seat and this trip will take from departure time to the time you are getting there 3 hours with 20 minutes so be patient you will get (it is long way but it is worthy) 

Once you have arrived in Esteli the first you have to do is to look for your your accommodation you can choose a hotel or hostel. I would recommend to stay in a hostel it is cheaper and it is almost the same as staying in a hotel (You should not pay more than 30 dollars per night in a hostel 2 people and 50 dollars per night 2 people one night in a hotel)

Once you are established in a hotel or hostel it is time to know the city. You can go to the central park and buy some food like burgers and fast food or you can go to a mexican restaurant which is just 4 blocks away from the central park and there you can have a very good mexican food that you can enjoy with your partner, family or alone. The price per service is 90 cordobas (around 3 dollars) for one service of wraps (burritos en espanol) and 50 cordobas per beverage around (1.55 dollars) after having had lunch it is time to go to know the city you can take a city tour by your own which won't last more than 2 hours and enjoy the beautiful weather

After that if you want to have a beer you can have a night out and go to one of the best pubs in the area which is called Hard bar the admission fee is 100 cordobas (3 dollars) and in that place you can have a local beer for 60 cordobas (2 dollars) and have a great time with your friends and your partner

There is another amazing pub which is called Cigarzone where the local people meet every weekend and in that place you can have a gorgeous time

After party you can go to look for some food (in case you are hungry) or more beers in case you feel you are not drunk enough to the locals gas stations if you take a cab they will charge you depends on the hour if it is after ten pm they will charge you around 1 dollar per person and in the locals gas station you can look for goof food and continue the after party (Note you can not drink inside the gas stations in Nicaragua becareful)

After that is time to go back to the hostel and rest for the next day

where you will go to a place which is called El tisey in my next experience i will talk about it...

I hope this is helpful for you and if you haven't gone to that place i would recommend you to go as soon as posible you won't regret it

And if you went to that place I hope you have had a great time

You can leave your comments below and any comment will be appreciated

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Esteli (Nicaragua)

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