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Erasmus blog Enna

  • Enna Castle

    Sometimes when you come to a peak, you realize it was just another step in your further progression (Seneca). The first visitor's platform looks small from above now ... We actually climbed the Norman castle! The platform in the background, behind it you can see the...

    0 by Jan, 3 years ago
  • Enna 2

    Here you can see one happy dude celebrating the view ... ... namely these wavey mountains with the linear pattern ... ... the city on the green hill with its historical buildings .. ... and the bright sunlight over it all.

    0 by Jan, 3 years ago
  • Mountains of Enna

    After passing Megara Hyblaea, we went up the mountains to see Enna, also known as Belvedere because of the nice view around. In 139 BC, a slave war erupted here, but the leader Eunus was defeated by Roman troops ... The city lying on a hill, we could see very far over...

    0 by Jan, 3 years ago

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