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Erasmus blog Ecuador

  • My experience in QUITO

    My experience in quito was very nice, i traveled to quito the last year after i graduate like a bachiller and while i preparate my documents to flying to quito. when i arrived i knew my homesay family, they are good persons and after my arrive, i visit diferents places...

    0 by joseph, 19 days ago
  • My trip in Lima - Perú

    I few 6 months ago I was in Lima Perú .  It is a very colorful and cultural place,in that place I met friendly people, also  I met many restaurants that serve their typical food, its culture is very interesting, because it is just what I wanted to know, its...

    0 by Edu, one year ago
  • Laguna Amarilla - Volcán El Altar (4,300 m.a.s.l)

    I’ll be honest, after 24 years living in my beloved Ecuador I had no idea that such an extraordinary landscape existed in this country. But after seeing photos of those giant rock peaks in the shape of leaning monks surrounding a yellow lagoon which is actually the...

    0 by Dom, one year ago

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