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Erasmus experiences Eckerd College

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    Eckerd College part 2: The party scene

    After telling you all about Eckerd's campus, academic, and activity life, it is now time to tell you all about the party life. Usually there's a party somewhere on campus Wednesday-Saturday nights. Obviously they're most common Friday and Saturday nights, but there can...

    0 by E, 2 years ago
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    Eckerd College: More than just a university education.

    I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, also known to many people as "the city of the best colleges in the USA". Maybe that's true, but that will never make me regret my choice to study at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. A lot of people have asked me why I decided to...

    0 by E, 2 years ago
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    Experience in Eckerd College, United States by Carolyn

    Generally, what is Eckerd College like? Eckerd college is a small (1800 students) liberal arts university. That means the curriculum encourages students to study a broad range of topics outside of their concentration. It is a beautiful campus in sunny Florida right on...

    0 by Carolyn, 5 years ago

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