• Hill of Tara

    Wherever you go in Ireland, there are historical religious monuments (not all of them churches though). In front of the Hill of Tara, a chapel dedicated to the national saint St Patrick greets you. I think I got a nice shot with the sun shining in the background, what...

    0 by Jan, 2 years ago
  • Christ Church Cathedral

    Christ Church, also known as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, is one of the oldest and most important cathedrals in Ireland. Despite having found a manuscript about it that dates back to the year 1030, it really isn't almost 1000 years old like you would have thought....

    0 by Lottie, 2 years ago
  • Howth

    After being in Dublin for a week, at least 300 people told me to visit Howth. Okay so I might not have met 300 people during my first week, so that's definitely an exaggeration. Anyways, after being told a million times to visit Howth, that weekend I decided the weather...

    0 by Romy, 2 years ago
  • Irish National War Memorial Gardens

    The Irish War Memorial Gardens is a beautiful space located in Islandbridge in Dublin. It's purpose is to dedicate a remembrance area for 49, 400 Irish soldiers who gave their lives in the Great War. I visited it in early May this year on a sunny day. The scenery is...

    0 by Maoilíosa, 3 years ago
  • Dublin

    Dublin When our semester in France started, I was surprised that we had already first holidays in February. At first, we had an introduction week in January, then three weeks of studying and then, we had a whole week off. My friends from the Czech Republic therefore...

    0 by Barbarka, 4 years ago

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