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Best pastel de nata in town

Published by Cristian Fabi — one year ago

I lived in Covilha for a couple of months while I was working on my Final Major Project for University. Nata Lisboa was one of the places that I loved to go to when I wanted to chill with my friends, although it is great to work there as well. The only problem with that is that it is full most of the time as it does not have many seats available and I was never able to plug my computer when I needed to. So I recommend you to go there with a plan B, in case every table is taken, and with your computer fully charged so that you can stay as long as possible without having to plug it in somewhere.

Their pasteles de nata are really good. Obviously, I am not Portuguese and I am also not used to eating those kinds of pastries, but I am sure that many people love this place as my Portuguese friends did too.

Best Pastel De Nata in town

However, it does not only serve the typical Portuguese egg tarts, but it also offers a variety of teas, croissants, coffees and so on.

What is amazing about this place is that they are open until 2 am, even on Sundays! They open at 8. 30 am from Monday to Saturday and at 10 am on Sundays.

Prices are affordable and student-friendly, so there is no need to worry about that when you go. Location is great too as it is literally next to the city hall and faces the main square of the city, where events take place all year-round.

I highly recommend this place, whether you choose to go there to study, read a book, for your Sunday breakfast or whatever!

- Cristian

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