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  • Nata Lisboa

    I lived in Covilha for a couple of months while I was working on my Final Major Project for University. Nata Lisboa was one of the places that I loved to go to when I wanted to chill with my friends, although it is great to work there as well. The only problem with that...

    0 by Cristian, in Where to eat Covilhã, one year ago
  • Santa Hora

    During the day time it is very calm, towards evening you can see some people who are playing dart and pinball, there are always parties on the weekends and you can have lots of fun, the place is kind of little and with a low ceiling but Covilha is also a small city and...

    0 by Ceren, in Erasmus party Covilhã, 2 years ago
  • Serra da Estrela

    Beautiful place with amazing views, Close of Torre (the highestt point in Portugal) exists one big similar stone when you can make an amazing trip and try to climb up! Perfect for people, who likes contact with nature and active spending time. :) In the top you can feel...

    0 by Justyna, in What to see Covilhã, 6 years ago
  • Art Baro

    This pub is very popular among Erasmus students and also Portuguese students and it's usually the place where Erasmus parties are organised. drinks are cheep and the music is really nice. sometimes, there are concerts and even Erasmus students can organize a concert if...

    0 by ilinca, in Erasmus party Covilhã, 9 years ago
  • Biras Bar

    As it is very close to the Residence where most Erasmus stay (PAC), you would really enjoy partying in this place. The owner is very very very kind and ready to organise birthday parties, national parties, drinking parties, anything that you want. You can even come with...

    0 by ilinca, in Erasmus party Covilhã, 9 years ago
  • Blue Church

    As Portugal is a catholic country, you will find lots of churches everywhere. But this one I liked the most as it is blue outside. It has a very special handmade ceramics that decorate the wall, with painting of Virgin Marry and other biblical scenes. You would really...

    0 by ilinca, in What to see Covilhã, 9 years ago

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