Patios Festival (The courtyards)

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Patios festival - the whole city blooms

Published by Mia Doan-Nguyen — 5 years ago

I took part in the most recent Patio festival in Cordoba, Spain on 17th May 2015. If you are flower-lover, like me, you would be really really interested the festival where the residents decorated courtyards with bunches of flowers and bonsai.

The Patio Festival, in short, is a contest among residents of Cordoba. They decorate their courtyard with different kinds of floral design, sometimes with water and stone design as well. The festival is hold once every year, looking for the most gorgeous decoration in town and the private houses agree to open their gates so that the guests are welcomed to enjoy the nature beauty.

There are some patios where you need to pay for an entrance tickets but some do not require a fee. My friend had to sign up for a ticket (for free entrance) on the internet, filling a form but I got the ticket straight from the Tourist Information from bus station in Cordoba. However, at the end no one even asked to show the ticket so I do not think it is a must at all.

When you enter to the courtyard, it is a incredible different feeling. You are isolated completely from the summer heat, enjoying a cool feeling and listening the murmuring of water. Some hosts even switch on some soothing music to boost your emotions.

Here are some pictures which I got from the festival. Usually, the whole courtyard is covered with flowers, but I just took pictures of some specific flowers which I love.





Together with the ticket, you will find a map that leads you to these paradises. Please notice that there are strict visiting hours because the hosts need a rest as well. For some places, you can donate a small amount of money if you are happy with what you see. For me, this festival is extremely appealing because it has been developed from an idea of a municipal contest, but ends up by attracting thousands people visiting Cordoba; and that the residents are so patient to take care of their gardens for years.

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