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The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about my visit to Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, which was a really good trip, I must say and it was worth visiting this place. Besides, I didn’t have to pay anything in visiting the palace, because I had this Copenhagen Card with me, which was worth of 120 Euros, by the way. However, with the help of that card I could have a free pass in the Amalienborg Palace and in other places in Copenhagen and not only in Copenhagen, if you want to know the truth. I could even visit castles, such as Kronborg Castle and other places outside the city of Copenhagen. However, they were somewhere nearby, so that it was included in my Copenhagen Card.


Anyways, I didn’t want to waste my time and the precious 120 Euros in not doing anything, so that I decided to visit this Amalienborg Palace, too, and have a look at that royal stuff, which they had placed there.


About Amalienborg Palace

The Amalienborg Palace is where the royal family resides and it’s a whole lot of the buildings around the square, where there’s this fountain in the middle of it. When you walk through the street towards the Amalienborg Palace, you don’t really understand, that you are going to the royal palace, because everything in Denmark looks royal and very fancy, if you want to know the truth.


You can go to the Amalienborg palace every day at 12 p.m. and watch the guards change, and, well, there are certain periods of the year, when the guards have fancier uniforms and other things, such as music and stuff like that, and it’s really worth seeing. And on usual days, they just march and change the other guards there. However, people still like the ceremony and they just run to the Amalienborg Palace to see them change and they try to stand just in front of everybody and be close to the guards and I don’t really know why that is so important to stand there very close to the guards.


When I went to the Amalienborg Palace at that time, when the guards were changing, there were too many people around and everyone was kind of trying to get close to the guards and there were police officers in those green uniforms, who were keeping the people from getting very close to the guards and it was pretty funny, I must say, because the people were like they were seeing the royal family or someone very famous, they tried that hard to get close to the guards. I was really shocked by that, however, everything was very well managed by the police officers and it really seemed, that they dealed with those kinds of things every day there, however, it was still annoying, telling people not to do something while they were trying to do otherwise so badly.


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