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The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about this place in Copenhagen, which I saw in many places and it’s called Sha Baz and it’s a café, where they have some pretty good cakes and coffee and stuff like that. Well, to be honest, every time I walked outside my accommodation to go to the university of Copenhagen to attend the lectures, I saw this Sha Baz sign in front of me on a building and  I wondered, what it was. Then, accidentally on the last day of our University days, one of my friends said something about this café in our university, which was just on the first floor closeby and they had some pretty good brownies, which she really liked and she suggested, that we go there and buy something sweet there while doing our homework for the examination. When we got there, I recognized the sign, which said Sha Baz and now I knew, that it was a café and nothing bad.


About Sha Baz café

So, this Sha Baz café is not just a café, I mean, there are not just cakes and coffee, they have pretty vast menu and the prices are alright for the Copenhagen life, I guess. their branches are all over the city of Copenhagen and one of them is located in Panum, in Panum Instituttet, which is inside the University of Copenhagen on Blegdamsvej.

The café is open every working day from 7:30 till 21:30 and on weekends it’s open from 8:30 till 20:00 in the evening.

They also have a Facebook web page, where you can search for @shabazkaffeand you will find them there and you can see some posts and news and the menu and some other information about the café, and their locations, of course.

One of the Sha Baz cafes is located in Frederiksberg on Buloswej street, where I usually went through when going to the morning lectures in the university of Copenhagen and that was when I first saw this Sha Baz café. It was really close to my accommodation, so that I could visit it easily. It’s also close to the Forum metro station and then you  just go to the left on the Rolighedsvej and you will see the Sha Baz café in the corner, where the Buloswej cross is on your right. The café opens pretty early in the morning, so that you can even have breakfast there until you get to your lectures or work.


What they offer

This Sha Baz café offers its customers many things, and they also have the morning menu and you can choose plenty things from there. You can have an egg and avocado or muesli with skyr and butter and cheese and coffee or tea, which costs 95 Dkk and more, I guess.

There’s another  menu 1 with coffee and croissant or cookie and it costs only 45 DKK, and if you take the fresh juice and sandwich or salad, then you will have to pay 95 DKK. So that, it’s not very cheap, however, everything there is very delicious, I must say.

When you go to the Sha Baz café, you should definitely order their chocolate milkshake, which doesn’t really cost cheap and it’s like 50 DKK for this 400 ml glass, however, it’s really worth it and since I love chocolate, I ordered it there, however, they also had vanilla or strawberry milkshakes.


They have all those different cakes, which look very delicious. I really liked their Romkugle, which was kind of cheap, it cost about 20 DKK and it was really good. If you love things with rum essence, you should definitely check it out, too.

They had all those different cheesecakes behind the windows. They had this cheesecake with peanut butter, which looked very tasty and since me and my friend loved peanut butter, we decided to order this one piece of this cheesecake with peanut butter and taste it. We both liked it and we recommend it to anyone who loves peanut butter. It cost about 40 DKK and we split the price and paid half each and, to tell you the truth, it was pretty enough for each of us to have half of the cheesecake piece.

There was also this ball with figs and cardamom, which they said was delicious, however, I don’t really think, that I would like it, because the look was not tasty at all.

When you see the café shelves, it’s like the croissants are inevitable part of the cafes in Copenhagen, in general, so that you will see some French and chocolate croissants in the Sha Baz cafe, too. Although, I haven’t tasted them, they say, that their croissants are really delicious, especially the chocolate ones, if you love chocolate.

Well, of course, you can not imagine a café without coffee drinks or tea and the Sha Baz café offers some Americanos and Lattes and milkshakes and teas with different flavours, etc. But the prices are high, too.

You will also see some salads offered to you in the Sha Baz cafe, which are pretty good and reasonable in prices. Of course, they have the Caesar salad, which I tasted and I recommend it to anyone who loves Caesar salad. And the salad with avocado is a good  one, too.


If you visit the Sha Baz café and you want to eat a delicious cake, you can taste a chocolate brownie, which my friend suggested to eat and which was to be very delicious, however, we didn’t have a chance to eat it, because they were out of those brownies. I really wonder what it tastes like and since I love chocolate, I would really have liked it, I guess. it’s like not really brownie, but it’s kind of a cheesecake, so that it must be really good.

When we bought this peanut butter cheesecake in the University of Copenhagen in that Sha Baz café, they put it into a plastic container. Then we saw, that they had clean plates and forks and spoons put just beside the bar and we could take them and eat the cake and then we could return it to the Sha Baz café and it was very comfortable and efficient, because we would eat the cake upstairs at the university panum and then we would just take the kitchenware back to the café.


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