Nørrebro Park Skole

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Nørrebro Park Skole

The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about this place in Copenhagen, which I found out pretty surprisingly with just walking around, looking at the things and enjoying a beautiful weather of Copenhagen in that rainy season. This is a place, where I thought, that there would be some museum or something like that, it was that beautiful and very modern in architecture, however, then I saw the sign and it said, that  it was a private school called Nørrebro Park Skole.

Well, the place was pretty amazing and there were green lawns around and it was a multi storey building, which was in dark brown colours and didn’t’ really resemble a school for me, if you want to know the truth.

Nørrebro Park Skole

About Nørrebro Park Skole

Anyways, this Nørrebro Park Skole is a private school, which is located on Jagtvej 34, Copenhagen. There’s this Assistens Kirkegård located just nearby and that’s why I was mainly there, because I was looking around walking near this place there.

Well, Nørrebro Park Skole is a school in the middle of that green Nørrebro  and it’s surrounded by all those green parks: Nørrebro Park, Assistenskirkegården and Hans Tavsens Parken. Their challenge is to create a learning environment with many kinds of things and challenges and many ways to success. Their short-term goal is: “Let’s jointly develop the school”.

Nørrebro Park Skole is a secondary school in Copenhagen and , therefore, there are just little kids in the school, who are pretty motivated and very smart and active in all ways.I mean, there are always many activities, that involve children and there are also many exhibitions, which take place in the school halls, etc.

Nørrebro Park Skole

The school also has a great indoor sports hall, which is very well equipped and there are some gatherings held in there, too.

The Nørrebro Park Skole also holds that Halloween party, of course, every year on the 31-st of October, which children really love and look forward to and they always have some beautiful and amazing costumes.

There are chess competitions and outdoor activities with some parties inside and art challenges and things like that, which make the pupils be more excited about the school and learning as well as enjoying their school years.

There you can find a lounge in the school for parents and school children and anyone in the school, if you want to know the truth. It’s a pretty great place for studying or just hanging out and you can even make an online reservation of a place in the loungein the school, so that you will definitely know, that when you get in that lounge, you will have a place to sit there somewhere.

Nørrebro Park Skole

The environment in the school is so cozy and very well decided. There are these places inside, where the children can be in their free time and there are those round tables with some chairs and the tables just beside the walls and there are those large windows all around, where you can look at the parks and the trees outside. There are also many books, which the children can take and read in there and there are some plants inside to make the environment even more friendly than it is, i guess. there are many opportunities for the children to take and there are so many different things, that they can do during their breaks, that it’s just unimaginable, if you want to know the truth.

They also have this thing about the cafeteria and the eating in the school. You can have an account on their “eating” thing and check it online and know about the menu and what the children are having that day. However, you should order whatever  you want 3 days earlier. Well , of course, you can order something on that day, too, however, they may be sold out or something like that. Well, you can have a sandwich for 22 DKK without any discounts, if you want to know the truth. They have medium EAT menu and large EAT menu and sandwiches and you can choose from them depending on what you want to eat on your lunch.

Well, the school is very well organized and everything inside is very well decided and decorated, etc. and if I lived in Denmark in Copenhagen, I would probably want to study in that school, however, I’m a little too old for that and, well, I would recommend anyone to enroll in that school and have a great school life there.

So that, anyways, this school is a very good one in Copenhagen, if you ask me and the building is pretty nice and beautiful and when you look at it from the outside, you get surprised, how the secondary school can be so fancy and very well organized that this school is. If you are in Copenhagen, you should definitely go and visit this school, or just have a look at it on the outside, because they may not take you inside the school, because usually the school organisers don’t like having some strange people walking in the hallways of their school.

Nørrebro Park Skole

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