Frederiksberg Shopping Center

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The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about Frederiksberg shopping center in Copenhagen, which I didn’t usually visit, however, it was just near my accommodation, so that it was really easy to go there for shopping. However, I must tell you, that it’s not that easy to go shopping in Copenhagen, because the prices are pretty high, especially on clothes and things like that, so that it’s not that easy to buy things. But you can just go there and look around, because that place in Frederiksberg, I mean the Frederiksberg  shopping center is a really fancy place and you can see many things there.


To be honest, when I first got to Copenhagen, of course, I didn’t really know anything about the streets and places and I only knew some things about it from the internet and I was just roaming around, having those google maps turned on and sometimes it just wouldn’t be on, because it needed to have an internet access and I didn’t have it, so that I was just trying to keep going and have a free wi-fi access somewhere, because there you could have free wi-fi access in some places in Copenhagen and they gave you sometimes this free one hour wi-fi access or something like that.

Well, anyways, the very first place, where I got after leaving the Copenhagen Airport was this Frederiksberg shopping center, I guess, however, then I didn’t realize, that it was that shopping center, because it was Sunday and everything was already closed, because it was already late in the evening and, besides, there was no one outside except for some people, because it was raining cats and dogs and no one really would go outside in that weather, however, there were people running and jogging and they didn’t care whether  it was raining or not, because, I guess, they were used to that weather there.


About Frederiksberg shopping center

So that, this Frederiksberg is a  pretty large building, that is located just nearby the Frederiksberg metro station and it’s really easy to get there because of that, if you want to know the truth. 

 It’s also called FRB.C Shopping, which is an abbreviation of this Frederiksberg shopping center, of course.

There you will find about 90 exciting shops, which are located on three storeys in the shopping center building. You can get there by just taking the escalators from the Frederiksberg metro station and that I found out after some time of getting out from the Frederiksberg metro station, if you want to know the truth. However, you can just come out of the metro station and then get inside the building on the ground floor, which you may find as the first floor, and there’s  a floor just beside it, too.

Well, when you get inside the building, the space is so spacious, that you won’t even feel like you are in the building there. It’s this massive shopping center, which is full of all those different brand shops and stores and there’s just anything, that you would like to buy, if you ask me.


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