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The introduction

In this article I want to tell you about some places in Copenhagen which have become my favourite ones and since I have been there for a while and I have walked through many streets of Copenhagen and even had trips outside the city, I pretty much know many places and I can tell you  where you can go and relax and enjoy your stay in Copenhagen. Some of those places are even free to visit, so that you won’t have to pay anything there, which is kind of blessing in disguise, because everyone knows, that Copenhagen is a very expensive city to live in.



Going to Copenhagen , the very first thing, that people want to do is to go and see this Nyhavn, which is  a very popular and famous place and if you have seen the photos of Copenhagen, most of them is taken in Nyhavn and that is the place , which is like a symbol of Copenhagen, I guess. when you go there during the tourist season, you won’t really find a place to sit and enjoy, because there are so many people around, that there’s hardly a place for anything, if you ask me. However, if you love crowded places, this place during the tourist season is just the place, where you want to be.


The views in Nyhavn are amazing and no matter where you take the pictures, they just look great. The houses are coloured in colourful paints and they are yellow, red and orange, etc. There are boats in the canal and you can have some boat trips through the canals or just take pictures in front of them. There are even boats, which are cafes and you can get in them and have some dinner there. And, of course, there are many cafes and restaurants and fast food places all around Nyhavn and one of the popular places is called NyhavnC, and, I guess, it’s the location, that tourists like, because many of them doesn’t like the dishes there and the services either.


If you want to have a dinner on a boat, you can visit the ORANJE, which is kind of at the end of Nyhavn, however, the dishes there are pretty good and the staff members are pretty nice, too. However, you should know, that while Nyhavn is the place where many tourists go, the prices are pretty high and you should first check, whether it’s on your budget or not and then order some things.

Favourite places in Copenhagen

You can get to Nyhavn by metro, which I usually did. You can get out of metro on Kongens Nytorv metro station. If you don’t know, that is translated as “The King’s New Square”. The Nyhavn is then a few metres away from that metro station. If you don’t want to use the metro, then you can just walk towards Nyhavn from any place, however, you will need much time to get there.


Ofelia Plads

If you don’t like crowded places and you want to go to somewhere in a calm place and you don’t want to be somewhere in a building, you can go to Ofelia Plads, which is just nearby Nyhavn if you walk through it towards the large canals of Kobenhavns Hanv opposite to city center. There’s a large building of the Royal Danish Theatre Skuespilhuset. Just when you get by the building, you will see this vast space without anything but some stretching chairs, where you can just sit and relax. There’s also this Café og Restaurant Ofelia I Skuespilhuset, where you can order anything you like and many people just order some wine or fresh orange juice there as I have noticed and they sit at the tables or in those stretching chairs and look at the canals and the Christiania island, which is across the canals.


The very beautiful thing to look at while I was there was this Papiroen building, which is the fast food marketplace there. At first, I thought, that there was some kind of concert, however, then I realized, that it was just this thing, when the Danish have street food festival and the people were gathered there for that and they also had some pretty good music playing very loud so that you could hear it very well all the way across the wide canal of Kobenhavns havn. It was pretty good to sit there and watch and listen to this amazing thing. You could also enjoy the views of the Operaen, which is the new Danish Opera House beside the Papiroen and the bridge across the canal called Inderhavnsbroen, which is a very strange and beautiful bridge. It connects Nyhavn to the Christiania islandand the architect did a really good job in building it. You can get to Christiania or to this Street Food Papiroen on foot by this Inderhavnsbroen bridge. It’s a newly opened bridge and it has just been 2 years since it opened and it’s not very long, if you want to know the truth. It’s only for pedestrians and bicycles, so that you can’t cross it with cars or public transport.


Botanical Garden of Copenhagen

If you love plants and flowers or if you just love being in the nature, then you should visit the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen, which is   a pretty large place full of different plants. Visiting the Botanical Garden of Copenhagen doesn’t cost anything, so that you can see all that stuff free of charge. However, the Botanical Garden is open just until 4 p.m. and that’s a pity, because some people just finish their jobs at that time.


Well, the Botanical Garden is located just in the city center of Copenhagen and it’s nearby the Rosenborg Castle, which is a place must-see. The Botanical Garden is very close to the Health and Science Faculty building of the University of Copenhagen, where I had lectures during my summer school there, so that it was pretty easy for me to get to the Botanical Garden. I just had to cross the Fredensbro bridge and walk a little bit. Or I could go to the Norreport metro station and walk from there.


The Botanisk Have (Botanical Garden) is a very large place and it has some different entrances. There’s even a small lake in the middle of the garden.

The very impressive place in the Botanical Garden is the Glasshouse or Palm House, which is a glasshouse really and it’s very large. Going inside you will see many tropical plants and huge palms and there’s a spiral staircaseand you can go up and look at those plants from the up above. You can also take great pictures there. And you should know, that since it’s in glass, the temperature inside is pretty high comparing to the temperature outside and I was like almost sweating there, I remember that.


There’s also a small coffee place outside on the terraceof that Glasshouse and there are tables with chairs and you can order a coffee or some snacks and sit there and enjoy the beautiful nature.


The place is very beautiful and I can’t really describe its beauty in an article. You should just go there and see it for yourself.



I don’t know if you have heard about Stroget, however, those who love shopping this street is the very first one to visit, because there are whole lot of brand shops located there. This is the longest pedestrian street in Europeas they say and there are no cars and even bicycles there, so that you can just walk there freely without worrying, that some bicycles may appear there.

Favourite places in Copenhagen

The major shops located on Stroget include H&M, New Yorker, Zara, ECCO, Pandora, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, etc. There’s a LEGO store, too, which is the pride of Denmark, I would say. You will see some crazy people doing strange things, such as swallowing the swords or making you do some things and  they usually are pretty funny. There are also some really delicious crepes with Nutella chocolate paste and bananas sold and, though they are a little bit expensive, they are really worth trying, trust me.


There’s a square on a pavement somewhere in the middle of the Stroget, where you will see this fountain with a statue in the center of it, which is called Storkespringvandetand there’s this statue, where there are three storks and they are like getting ready to fly. Well, the square itself is very unique and beautiful and there are usually many people around just sitting and enjoying the fountain.

Favourite places in Copenhagen

Then there’s another square at the end of Stroget, where there are lots of cafes and there’s another fountain in the center of it, too, which is called Caritasbrønden and it’s the oldest fountain in Copenhagen. The statue itself is very strange. There’s a mother and a son in the middle of the fountain and I was pretty surprised to see that the water was coming out of her tits, while the son was like peeing, too. There’s a café there called Café Gl.Torv just when you get to the end of Vestergade, which is a street parallel to Strøget until you get to this fountain and it serves a pretty delicious food and they have the tables and chairs outside, too, so that you can enjoy the view of the fountain while dining deliciously.


Landbohøjskolens Have

Landbohøjskolens Have is a place, where I spent plenty of hours of my being in Copenhagen.It is a place, that not many people know about and I was the lucky one to actually live in that place. My accommodation was located in Gartnerboligen shared apartments of Housing Foundation, which is related to the University of Copenhagen and since I was there on summer courses, I could live in that accommodation.


The Landbohøjskolens Have is a pretty large place surrounding this Gartnerboligen shared apartments and it’s primarily located on Grønnegårdsvej 15, which was the address of my accommodation, too.

The place is owned by the Science Faculty Department of Plants and Environmental Sciences of the University of Copenhagen and there are lots of plants and flowers in that garden around the Gartnerboligen shared apartments, which they plant and take care of during the whole year.


To be honest, it’s a real pleasure to live in such place, where you open your window and you look at that garden full of all those different flowers in blossom.

Well , the Landbohøjskolens Have is like a park and it’s free to visit it,so that people who knew about that place came there from the morning till the very late in the evening and looked at the flowers and enjoyed them there.


The garden is very beautiful in any season of the year. I was there in summer, so that there were all those roses bloomed and they were just very beautiful and their smell was everywhere. The garden is very good for anyone who just wants to hang out and relax. It’s a very calm and quiet place, so that there were some students sitting on the benches or on the ground and reading some books there.


You can even visit the Café Vaeksthuset in the gardens and have some snacks there. There’s also free toiletsnearby, so that everything’s just very comfortable there.


Health and Science Faculty Panum Maersk Tower

This place was the one, where we had lectures in Internal Medicine and we spent plenty of our time there and it has become one of my favourite places to be, because the enrivonment there is very cozy and comfortable. This building is located on Blegdamsvej streetand it’s somewhere closeby to the city center.


If a student wishes to have a great atmosphere to study with pleasure, then the student may wish for that Panum of Maersk Tower.I had never seen anything like that until this summer and I was kind of shocked, how people can build something like that for students. That is a place, where you will enter and the whole new world will be rolled out in front of you. You won’t want to leave for home from that building because of everything that is there.


You can find many interesting things inside the building, such as the stories of the University of Copenhagen and the historical facts and things, like books and photos, etc. There are walls full of news and posters about different diseases and projects. There are also those round tables with round coaches with leather coverings, where you can sit very comfortably or you can find such places, where there are those rectangular coaches at both sides of the tables, where there were some students even sleeping there. There’s also a huge canteen placein the entrance of the building, where the food is in reasonable prices.


There’s one wall, which I liked the most and there’s this video playing, where some people are singing in different tones and it’s pretty amazing to listen to them.

Well, the entrance in the building was just free during my stay there. Anyone could enter the building and walk around.


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