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chasing whales in Sri Lanka

Published by Yahya Elghoneimy — 2 years ago

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We are now in the middle of the ocean, my friend, I write to you from  this old wooden ship. If you think about it a little, you will feel some fear as The ship might sink and become part of the ocean, but you will not find time to be afraid.The rush of adrenaline in your heart is as much as the ship's rush to chase the whales, 

Yes, that is what we are doing today. We are chasing the whales to see them closely. We do not want to disturb them, so we are swallowed up as Yunus swallowed. We only want to see the greatness of the Creator, The captain calls out, a big whale there and rush the ship and our hearts rush with him.

that  is the biggest creature hit the sea with his tail and wave waves that can turn your ship upside down, we do not want to die Today I want to see Sri Lanka or Ceylon as its people called it in the past, From a distance and after a long wait we saw the green color looming, Thats it my friend, The Big Island,High coconut trees, soft sand, magnificent tropical climate,

Everything push us to the island, the waves of the sea push us, the wind caresses our ship leisurely towards the shore, even the dolphins accompany the ship as if welcoming us and say you will see what you have never seen before, The English came from decades, perhaps on a ship similar to our ship, I almost hear them crying when they see it, Look, it is the paradise, we will not return to the city of fog again, who did call Britain great? There seems to be something greater,

To be continued........

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