Eating in Cologne


There is a 'Mensa' or canteen in Zülpicher Straβe. The closest tram or metro stop is Universität which is one minute away on foot.

In order to eat in the 'Mensa', you simply have to buy a ticket at the entrance. Then you choose different dishes, desserts and starters to eat and you hand in the ticket at the till. You can sit in any seat which is available in the huge dining hall.

If you are an Erasmus student, with your student card the ticket price is 2. 20 Euros. If you're not a student, the price is 4. 40 Euros.

You can buy as many tickets as you wish, for example if you bought five tickets in one go, one for each day of the week, you wouldn't have to queue everyday (or you could even bring someone who isn't a student).

You can bring your own drink or buy one in the same place where you get the ticket.

The opening hours are 11:30am-2pm Monday to Friday.


Another option is a restaurant I recommend for the quality and price, you can eat very well from Monday to Friday.

The restaurant is called Albertus and it's on the same street as the 'Mensa', 312 Zülpicher Straße, between Leichtensternstraße and Sülzburgstraße.

At this restaurant you can eat pizza, pasta, meat and salads...

Pizza costs between 6 and 9 Euros depending on the pizza, but if you eat between 12pm and 3pm, all of the pizzas are 3. 90 Euros.

Pasta is 4. 90 Euros (for any of the pasta dishes).

Additionally, for this price there is a side of bread and yogurt sauce and a mixed salad.

(A side of bread with sauce, a small salad, a Hawaiian pizza and an ice tea costs 5 Euros).


If you want to eat a tasty kebab you could go to Arslans Kebab. They are a variety of prices and kebabs. You can ask to eat in or take away.

It's on 79 Ehrenfeld Gürtel street, at the corner of Venloer Straße. There is a metro stop, Venloer Straße/Gürtel, just in front of it. It is also two minutes walk from Köln-Ehrenfeld train station.

Follow this link to find more information about Arslans Kabab:

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