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  • Top 13 things to do in Coimbra

    In this post, I am going to give you advice on the place to visit and experiences to try in Coimbra, which you mustn't pass up if you really want to know this city. Below you will find 13 things to do that I loved doing and that I will miss greatly when I leave! 1....

    0 by Emily, one month ago
  • Typical food from Coimbra and Portugal and places to go

    Today we are going to talk about the typical Portuguese food and especially Coimbra, so here we go. To do so, we need to note: Bacalao (Cod) It is possibly the most typical dish of all of Portugal and there are a thousand and one ways to make it. The most common are...

    0 by Chloe, 7 months ago
  • Figueiró dos Vinhos, an exemplary village!

    There aren't summer vacations that end without me having cross off the map a place where I hadn't been before. This year, like most times, I decided to cross off a place in Portugal. If we don't know our own country, what foundations do we have to be able to go beyond...

    0 by Mónica, one year ago

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