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Caerphilly is a small town situated in the county of Glamorgan in South Wales. It is located about 12 kilometres outside Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Its proximity to the city means that many people use Caerphilly as a dormitory suburb.

This town is very well connected with Cardiff, as there are buses going from one to the other very frequently (every 30 minutes approx. ) and it takes about half an hour to get there.

Once you are there, you must visit Caerphilly Castle. Its walls are from the Normandy medieval age, and it is located in the centre of the city. It was constructed in the thirteenth century, and is the first and biggest castle to exist in Wales, and the second biggest in the United Kingdom.


Entry to get inside the castle is very cheap, and even cheaper if you can prove you're a student!

It's definitely worth a trip inside to see the numerous towers and courtyards, as if it were the proper interior of a real castle.


Once you finish your tour of the castle, it's interesting to try the local food. Especially typical of the area is the cheese, known simply as "Caerphilly Cheese", a cheese with a flaky texture made with cows milk. Another very typical food is the Jacket Potato.



In summary, Caerphilly is definitely somewhere that I would recommend for spending the day being a tourist.

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