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The city of Cambridge is a university town and an administrative center of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. Settlements have existed around the Cambridge area since before the Roman Empire. It's population is about 130 000.

It is a really good place to relax, go to museums and see world's history, sightsee Cambridge - its old and stunning beauty of buildings and streets and colleges, etc. And the weather is very nice there - is sunny and warm and I know that Cambridge is the driest place in England, where it doesn't rain as much as it rains in other places.

The thing that I don't like in Cambridge is that there aren't extreme sports attractions such as American Mountains, etc.


You can go shopping, visit museums, go punting on the river Cam, go to the cinema, bowling center, play pool, etc. And the main thing is that studying in the University of Cambridge is really a great achievement for anybody.

"Living in Cambridge, with nature and everything, it's so clean. " Syd Barrett.

I had been in Cambridge for two weeks and I was pretty amazed of everything there: people, architecture, parks, museums, shopping centers…

Everything is cheap there and people are very friendly and kind.

Cambridge is worth seeing in England!

Cambridge truly is a city for all seasons and for all interests and tastes…

Compact and easy to get around, there's always something new to see and do in the city. Historic and modern buildings to visit, world-renowned museums, fantastic theatre and live music - Cambridge is an incredibly family-friendly place with a host of attractions to keep everyone happy.


You can visit many places of interest.

  • Fitzwilliam museum,
  • Trinity College,
  • King’s College,
  • St. John’s College,
  • Corpus Christi College,
  • Christ’s College,
  • St. Mary’s church,
  • Emmanuel College,
  • Downing College,
  • Queens' College,
  • Senate House,
  • Sidney Sussex College,
  • St. Botolph’s church,
  • St. Michael’s church,
  • Botanical garden.

And others and others...

Museums, colleges, institutes, parks, gardens, schools, statues, markets, leisure centres, cinema, punts…


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