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Old Town City Walls Walk

Published by Anonymous . — 7 years ago

Blog: Cádiz
Tags: Erasmus blog Cadiz, Cadiz, Spain

We decided to spend some time exploring parts of the old part of Cádiz that we hadn’t yet seen, but our first stop was a postcard shop, I selected a couple of postcards with views of Cádiz that I was familiar with to send home to my nan. We then stumbled across the old cathedral which was in a beautiful square, we resolved to come and take a closer look at its tower, with the camera obscure at some point in the year. We then went for a further stroll along the winding streets of the old town ending up in Plaza de Flores, from there we also looked at the main market which opens daily and sells all sorts from fruit and vegetables and meats. We decided to head out from the market towards the sea and walk home from there along the coastal walls of the city. When we reached the wall we got a beautiful view along the whole coast, including the back of the cathedral that we had seen and along the beaches of playa Victoria. Definitely a good opportunity to take photos, would reccomend it to anyone in a heartbeat, the views were stunning.  We walked along the coast past La Caleta back to the Plaza de Mina where we had a well earned rest, walking in the hot sun was completely knackering.

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  • Emma Gilligan 6 years ago

    ooooh this sounds good!

  • Gabriela Peixoto 6 years ago

    could you tell me in what month these pictures were taken? so I can get an idea of how the whether is down there :) tnks

  • Anonymous . 6 years ago

    These were taken in September when I first arrived =]

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