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Erasmus Budapest 2017 / 2018 (English)

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Hi everyone!!

I'm arriving in Budapest on September and I haven't found a accommodation there yet; I'm looking for a spacious room located in the city center, so if you know something about renting a room in a shared flat, I'd be glad to  know it.

Hi everyone! I come from Poland, I'm 24, and I am looking for a room for rent. My bugdet is 350 with all utilities. If You have any offers please contact me:) I will be grateful.

Hi !

I'm Jeremie and i'm a 20 yo guy from France and I'm going to study at Budapest on Spring 2018, I'm looking for a shared flat with other students to share our Erasmus together ! I will study to GDF !


I'm Anna, I'm studying tourism in Barcelona and I will study in Budapest the next semester in the MET university. I would like to talk to any student who will be studying in Budapest.

See you 

Hi there!

I'm Cagri and 20 years old from Turkey. I'm a civil engineering student. I will be there for the Budapest adventure from February.  See you. 

Hey there,

I'm Ekrem, from Turkey. I'm someone who likes to live his life to the fullest. I enjoy travelling, talking and having fun with people. I'm very keen on sports as well. I think it's what makes me who i am. I'm studying Translation and Interpretation in Halic University, Istanbul. I'll probably be studying in Kodolanyi Janos University of Applied Sciences in the spring semester in 2018. I'd like to share a flat with an erasmus student too. So, take a good care of yourself!

See you there!

Hi guys!

I'm Trinidad from Chile. I'm journalism student and I will study in to Metropolitan University (METU) from February to June.  I would like to talk to any student who will be there in these dates!

See you! :)


My name is Metehan.I am from Turkey.This spring semester,I will come to Budapeste,January.My faculty is Engineering which is mechanical.In campus dorm,there are not any vacants room.So,I have find a roommate.

Hello, I am Álvaro from Spain. I study physiotherapy in Toledo and I will be in Budapest with a classmate from february. We are looking for some flatmates to share our experience there. We have seen some 3-4 beedrooms flats and we have talked with the owners already, so the only thing we need is more people to complete the free rooms. Hope to hear from any of you soon guys :)


I am Ayça from Turkey. I will be in Budapest in January this year. I will be  studying English Language and Literature in Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church. I am so excited to be there :) See you soon !

Hey guys,

my name is Leif and I am from Hamburg, Germany. I got the chance to do an internship in Budapest so I am joining you guys in February. I am there for "only" three months. Currently I am studying for my Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication IT but like I said I am just going to work in Budapest. Feel free to contact me! 



My name is Magda. Im 21 years old girl from Poland and i going to study in Budapest at Elte from February to June. Im in Budapest already but i have some problems with finding accommodation... If you are looking for flatmate, contact me, please :) 

I wish you all a great time in Budapest! :) :)

Cześć, Magda! Na-pewno nie łatwo znaleźć pokój dla studenta. Prosimy, popatrz naszą ofertę na erasmusu p.t. "Royal Castle Hill - quiet and safe". O ile chcesz spokojnie mieszkać sama, a nie spróbujesz wynająć jedynkę, żeby tam współżyć ze swoim chłopakiem, to możemy rozmawiać o wynajmu.

Więcej informacji na naszej stronie web pod "Váralja", znajdziesz jak zapiszesz w wyszukiwarkę "Körúti Magánkollégiumok". Kwestionariusz i zgłoszenie pod "Contact".

Ekipa "Körúti Magánkollégiumok"

P.S. Przepraszamy za słabą polszczyznę i ew. brak znaków diakrytycznych

Hello everyone!

I'm Ludovica from Italy,  I study Opera at Zeneakadèmia. I've just arrived here in Budapest and I'm gonna stay there 'til june! 

I'd ike to meet new people since I don't know anyone here :)

Feel free to write me :)

Ciao Ludovica, io sono Ilaria e devo trasferirmi a Budapest da giugno a settembre.. vorrei approfittare per chiedere a te, che sei una ragazza italiana, come ti trovi e se Budapest sia una città sicura. Sto trovando difficoltà a cercare un appartamento in una zona tranquilla.

Hi all 

I am Yara from Egypt and I am planning to study in Metropolitan university for this fall semester. I would like to communicate with any students living in Budapest to know more about the city.

Thank you in advance.

Showing 41-56 of 56 entries

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