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  • Valyo Kikoto

    Valyo is an unknown place for almost anyone in Budapest, either locals or foreigners, open in spring and summer. Let's say it is a sort of cultural centre, led by youngsters in an oper-air space, really close to Rakoczi bridge. It is not like any usual place where...

    0 by Luisa, 4 years ago
  • Zoo Café

    Hello all! Do You mind if there are animals on tables on which the drinks are supposed to be served? Do You mind if there’s pet-smell in the area? Do You mind if cat meowing and bird tweet mix and result in a quite big noise? Than better stay home. If You’re not...

    0 by Dóra, 7 years ago
  • Zöld teknős barlangja

    The rain was pouring, it was a cold winter day when we found this hidden but nice place while wondering in the city of Budapest. I couldn't even see where are we going in to because of the storm. But when we entered, the smell of old native fragrance and sweet chill...

    0 by Anna, 8 years ago
  • Pest

    Szimpla is the place to go in Budapest. Once you are in you will realize why it is the most famous ruined bar in Budapest. Feel free to write on the walls, drink beer in a car or in the bath! Remember the "Bermuda Triangle" in HYMYM, all the stuff that was left there...

    0 by Rocio, 8 years ago
  • California Coffee Company

    A real quite coffee where you can just sit in sofas and talk with your friends, order a black coffee or a different one (just choose between the menu), you can relax and eat some cake, you can study too with free acess to wifi. In a winter day it's just perfect to avoid...

    0 by Patricia, 8 years ago

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