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Starting or... already involved in this crazy Erasmus adventure

Now, after a few months of crazy stories, new friends, new places, laughs, tears, and overall lots of fun, it's being the right time to transmit the experience and keep a record in how an Erasmus goes and evolves into a great experience with lots of memories that will last you a lifetime.

So, what better that a blog? Sharing and learning, knowing and getting all that information that we should know when visiting a new place. Keeping an eye, of course, in those intrinsic details that make the difference in one place, sometimes they are obvious some other no that much. But at the end, that will be my objective here to transmit, trying show in some lines and bringing a close eye in how the daily life of an Erasmus is. You know what they say, the ones who were before that; these moments and memories are unique and forever. So, let's keep them here!

Me, I've never been a person of writing and I'm always been very confused about how to express things, even more writes, but come... If I don't take the risk now, I will regret later, so now it's time to record this great moments of my life.

For those who haven't take the chance to embark in this adventure or are about it, I must say that if you love adventures, you won't want to miss this one! Erasmus for good or for bad make your life, and won't let you indifferent!

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