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Eva's Erasmus Experience in Brighton, UK

Why did you choose to go to Brighton, United Kingdom?

I chose to come to Brighton because it's a beautiful and welcoming city, near to London. So I can go to London whenever I want but have the ease of living in a small city with everything at hand. I also went to the University of Sussex, which is also very good.

How long is your scholarship? How much money do you receive for support?

My scholarship lasts 10 months, from September to June. They will give me (I hope) about €4, 200 or so.

What's the student lifestyle like in Brighton?

Brighton is totally a university city. There are two universities here, so wherever you go there will always be young people.

Would you recommend the city and the University of Brighton to other students?

Of course, I'm really glad I chose to study here.

What's the country's food like?

The food is obviously not very good compared to Spain's and what we are used to. The supermarkets don't have everything that Spaniards might want, but that's what my mother is for to send me everything I can't find here (ham, fresh cheese, fried tomato, noodles.. among other things hahaha)

Eva's Erasmus Experience in Brighton, UK


Was it difficult to find accommodation in Brighton?

No, because the university provided it.

How much does it cost to live in Brighton?

Well, that depends on going out, what transport you use, etc. I spend about £30 a week on food, house supplies and going out... well, maybe £50 including that...

How's the language? Did you go on a course at the university?

There are people from all over the world here, so people speak lots of different types of English. It was super easy to get used to it and pick everything up.

What's the cheapest way to get to Brighton from your hometown?

My hometown is Granada.. so I fly from there to London Gatwick and then get the train from there to Brighton.

Which places would you recommend for nightlife in Brighton?

Well, there are millions of party places in Brighton, but I love Revolution, Coalition and Pryzm. There's definitely something for everyone.

What about eating out in Brighton? What are your favourite places?

Honestly, I tend to eat out in Spanish restaurants hahaha. But otherwise, there are lots of good Italian, Chinese and hamburger restaurants everywhere.

What about sightseeing?

In terms of cultural visits, there isn't much culture here. There is the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier.. but they are like Brighton's characteristic things and don't have much history. What I like most is the sea, which is beautiful, and the cliffs, which is one of the best views I've ever seen. Brighton has lots of things to see, but are more arty and street culture things.

Eva's Erasmus Experience in Brighton, UK


Eva's Erasmus Experience in Brighton, UK


Do you have any advice for future students in Brighton?

I really recommend this city and I'm very happy here. If I had one bad point it would be the weather, it's cold like in all of England, but you get used to it in the end so it's fine! Enjoy it!

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