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Erasmus blog Bremen

  • The 10 commandments of Erasmus in Bremen: transport

    Second commandment: "you will love the Semesterticket more than anything else" Hi! After various articles about my travels, I'm returning to write about Erasmus life in Bremen, on this occasion, I will be talking about how to move around the city and its...

    0 by Ross, 3 years ago
  • The 10 commandments of Erasmus in Bremen: going out to party

    Third commandment: "You will honour Jägermeiseter as if it were a drink of the gods" Hi everyone! Today, I'm bringing you another article about life in Bremen, maybe the most important one for an Erasmus student in Bremen: how to go on a night out in Bremen. Before I...

    0 by Ross, 3 years ago
  • Starting my blog, starting Erasmus

    Hi everyone! I'm starting this blog, in which I'm hoping to tell you all about my Erasmus experience as a student in Bremen (Germany), telling you about the trips that I go on around Europe during my stay, giving advice and stuff for other Erasmus students, recommending...

    0 by Ross, 3 years ago
  • Continue

    I´m so tired the same thing on a same place, i need a different situations, becuase I´m sleeping up hahaha i need a change on my life, i muts come to other country and would have a stranger things and situations in other contries, thans Erasmus for the next year that...

    0 by Victor, 9 years ago
  • The first thing thart you´d make in Italia or Germany

    I´m tnking what is the first thing that i would do when i´ll come to my SINO

    0 by Victor, 9 years ago
  • What is the most important thing when I go out to othes countries?

    I need your opinions about the things that y musn´t forget when i´ll go to other contries, papers, sleeps, water, money ajajaj a diccionary ajaja bey

    0 by Victor, 9 years ago
  • Learn german since english or spanish

    How i make that i don´t know nothing about germany and my english is so poor how i try to learn that language? HELP ME PLEASE!

    0 by Victor, 9 years ago

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