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  • W CAFE

    This is such a beautiful place. The decor is so nice, with light, cozy and comfy sofas, cool tables and so much more! The service is great, and it's right a cross from Twin City and the main bus station, and not far from the center or the blue church.   They have some...

    0 by Kristin Petra H., 2 months ago
  • RE:Fresh Music club & Restaurant

    This was our first stop on our "Eurotrip" which we had organised as an end of exams treat at the end of our first four months of Erasmus. I'm in favours of any place that has a charm which makes it worth visiting and I never trust the comments that say "don't go to...

    0 by Ross, 2 years ago
  • Budík

    Whole day at school, but not a decent restaurant in sight, that is everyday strungle of ordinary student of management or pharmacy at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Thankfully, Zimný štadión is close by, where all those amazing hockey events take place....

    0 by Simona, 2 years ago
  • Good Zone Bar

    This is a new cozy place in the heart of Bratislava. It's suitable for relax, tentative conversion, taste quality drinks and have fun. We are glad to see students. Also you can sing karaoke here. Discount for students is 20% and free wi-fi)Czech draught beer, bottled...

    0 by Timur, 2 years ago
  • MAD DROP espresso & drew bar

    I found this place two weeks after I got to Bratislava. I came in because I saw a nice sign on the wall. I knew that was the place for me because they have alternative methods of preparing coffee and they got bike frames all over the place. The best thing was that they...

    0 by Katarzyna, 3 years ago
  • Bar On

    Bar on is the best place to go with your friends and get drunk. It's in the Bratislava city center and there are a lot of discos near. You can have all the drinks you can imagine in the best cheapest way ever. They also have music and some games, like billiard. You can...

    0 by Xandra, 3 years ago
  • Rustique

    Perfect place to chill downtown with all sorts of live music going round 4 times per week. Mostly Jazz, drum n base and funk but also different other kinds depending on the night and the agenda of the bar. Very stylish and classy space with young and really warm people...

    0 by Pavlos, 3 years ago
  • Dublin Pub

    Hey, I've been Erasmus in Bratislava for one semester and I've spent most of my time in this place. Drinks are cheap as usual, and also staff are very cool and friendly , I strongly recommend this place if you have time.  You can see young people who are celebrating...

    0 by Umutcan, 4 years ago

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