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    Secrets for Workplace salary, how much do you know We interview are asked issues of how many salary had expected, Why the boss did not rise to the pay for my own or how to give yourself arise? What we should do when Encountered this problem or something that? First,...

    1 by Kristine, 26 days ago
  • Third stop: South Station

    The last train stop following Back Bay is called South Station. This is the stop where my dad would get off every day to get to work at the World Trade Center, so I tend to associate this train stop with my father. I especially love this area because of what surrounds...

    0 by E, 3 years ago
  • Second stop: Back Bay

    This article is the continuation of First Stop: Ruggles, which was the first article in my Boston tour blog! Back Bay If you get off the train one stop after Ruggles at Back Bay, you’ll be in the Prudential area. I usually come to this area of Boston because it is so...

    0 by E, 3 years ago
  • First stop: Ruggles

    A beautiful city, culturally, historically and asthetically Hello all! In many of my posts I have mentioned that I am from the city of Boston, and that this city is one of the best places you will ever go to. After flirting around this theme, now is the time to really...

    0 by E, 3 years ago
  • Boston: kibbi (Norwood center)

    Hi! I want to share with you my favourite place in the Boston area to get my Lebanese food. Once again, the place is not located in the center of the city, but in a suburb called Norwood. This is the same town where my maternal grandmother lived, so it is a very special...

    0 by E, 3 years ago
  • Boston: pizza

    Boston, my beloved home city, has so much that I must talk about, but I haven't even started yet on it because I am saving the best city for last. In the meantime, I'll post a couple of short articles in this blog about a few Italian, Japanese, and Lebanese restaurants...

    0 by E, 3 years ago
  • My second month: Road trip to Boston and Niagara Falls

    As time went by, we built up a big group of friends in the residence. Some of them were roommates (I shared room with a girl from Mongolia) and normally we met to have dinner together in the upper floor of the residence, along with other spaniards and latin...

    0 by Cristina, 3 years ago

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