Three weeks in Bordeaux

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Blog: I'm in France (help)
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Hello again,

As you can see I have returned once more to the land of blogging. I have nothing in mind really while starting to write this post, other than that I am aware it's been nearly two weeks since my last one! I guess I'll just talk about what I've been up to since then, so if you're at all interested in what that might be (don't get too excited, ma vie really isn't fantastically interesting), then please read on.

I STILL haven't started uni, despite thinking I would start last Monday. There seems to be a lack of communication between the Uni and us, in terms of what is actually happening, where we go for what, when we start what etc. I turned up last Monday expecting to have to enrol in my courses in order for me to have access to my timetable and be able to start going to classes. However after waiting in a queue under a sign saying REGISTRATION for over half an hour I was met by someone telling me that I was in the wrong place. They directed me to a different room where another member of staff told me I was in the wrong building. I eventually found a room where there was someone there to help Erasmus students who were, like me, all turning up one by one very confused. Basically, we don't actually have to officially enrol in the courses we've chosen until the end of September. Until then, we can search the uni website to see when each of the courses are on, go along to the classes, make sure they don't clash etc and see if we like them and THEN we will enrol and they will become compulsory. Tomorrow is when I'll go along to some of the classes I've chosen for the first time, but there's no pressure to keep going if I don't like them... Although I'm going to have to go to some classes in the end so I might as well make it easy for myself and not change them about too much. It's a good idea, I suppose, but very weird as it feels like a very slow start to the semester. It definitely differs from Aberdeen anyway, where you get chucked in the deep end on day one of term. I'm honestly feeling confused just typing all of this, think I need a wee lie down.

I've met quite a few new people since I last posted too, many of whom are Irish and absolutely amazing. We went to an Irish pub on Sunday to watch Gaelic football which was a new experience (although felt somewhat familiar compared to all the Frenchness) and a lot of fun. I was asked if I wanted to join the team they have at Uni which, if you know me, is a hilarious concept. Me + sport = no. Absolutely jamais. I will however be at the games to cheer on my pals. There were a couple at the pub who were from Fife, and they were the first and only Scottish people I've encountered in Bordeaux! It's a relief to have people who I can speak English with, as French people are fab but there's still that language barrier that makes it slightly harder to be 100% comfortable and get to know people fully. I've discovered that when I'm out however and have had a drink (or a few, sorry family), I can speak relatively confidently in French to French people, so its definitely a confidence thing during the day! But as I've said I'm only 3 weeks in so it can only go up from here.

I get a week off uni at the end of October/start of November and have been looking at potential places to visit (hopefully with Cara, hi friend miss you) which is exciting, I also might potentially come home for a few days at the end of that week as I am aware that the flights to Bordeaux from Edinburgh are on quite awkward days so if I go home it means I can see all the people I'm missing all at once, and if people manage to come out before xmas then fab and if not then it's cool because I'll have seen them in between. I'm literally just typing my stream of consciousness now lol can you tell? I don't have any definite plans yet though so things could well change. I definitely want to visit Toulouse soon though, as there are buses from here for less than a tenner and it's only about 3 hours drive away, so I can go for the day! I basically want to see as many places as possible during the 9 months or so that I'm here. I'm also very very very much looking forward to my trip to Paris with my auntie Mary which will hopefully take place some time in November!

Anyway, I've rambled on enough I think, sorry this post might be a bit boring but I'm sure once I've visited more places and started uni (finally) I'll have more to talk about. I'll insert some new pictures of random bits of Bordeaux at the bottom of this post. Hope you're all well.

Miss you all, bye for now xxx

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