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My Accommodation in Bordeaux

The truth was that I wanted to get there, but also a little afraid of what I was going to find. But the first impression was good, and the fact I was taking the key to my new house, knowing that I would live alone, WOW! It's a challenge, but I think I'll manage well.

The first thing I did upon arrival was clean up a bit and unpack and put away my stuff. After an hour my room seemed more like it was my own, as it had been decorated with my photos and my things, although there were still many things missing that my mother would send me a week later. It was my room.

As you know, my room is huge, but there are more rooms in the house: kitchen, bathroom, entrance, toilet and the rooms.

The bathroom is ok, not very big but it has a shower, sink and cupboards with mirrors and everything. It is also very bright as it has a skylight in the ceiling.

The kitchen is the place that is always dirtier, but I've already created a schedule to clean weekly hehe. The biggest problem is that the fridge as it's very small and, although my partner Christian has brought another, he leaves in December.

The toilet is by the entrance. The good thing is that you do not have to wait to use it if someone is showering, but the bad thing is that the room gets very cold in the mornings.

Finally the entrance has a clothes hanger and good views of your neighbours if you want to spy on them.

We are on the second floor and if you go downstairs you will find our bikes that we have rented to use to get to the uni.

It only takes 20 minutes to get there, although you can use the tram too. My stop is Barrière Saint-Genès and my faculty is Montaigne Montesquieu.

I took out the yearly TBC pass so I can use public transport when it's too cold to go by bike. The problem is if you lose the pass, but for only 5 euros you can cancel the lost pass one and get a new one. Also it's super cheap, only 20 euros a month, whereas in Madrid I pay more than 35.

Anyway, I don't miss my parents' house. Here I live alone and it's great. I'm very close to the centre and my faculty is closer to where I live than my one in Madrid. The only problem is that the city is a bit more expensive than Madrid and the house is always a bit dirty (minus my room, of course).


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