January 11, 2016 - Arrival in Bdx

A little background information: this all started with my decision to do Erasmus in France so that I could improve my French and get a taste of the French lifestyle. I don't like large cities and I don't like very cold weather so out of all my choices I finally decided to study in Bordeaux. The next steps were to book a flight and find an apartment. I found an apartment in the center of Bordeaux, near Victoire and right on Marché des Capucins (I will mention both areas in other blogs too). So, I flew with my mom from Kraków to Paris on the 9th and then I took the TGV (train) to Bordeaux after a 2-day stay in Paris. My first day in Bordeaux was January 11, 2016. I got off on the main train station, Gare St. Jean, where my new roommate was waiting for me to take me to our apartment which is a short bus ride away. I couldn't believe how lucky I was- I found a large, bright apartment right by the tram B which goes straight to my school campus in Pessac (a commune which is a 20 minute tram ride from Bordeaux). I left my things in my apartment and my roommate took me and my mom on a tour of Bordeaux!

We started at Porte de Bourgogne, an arch built in 1755 as the official entrance to the city on the old road leading to Paris. (My first picture in Bordeaux! )


Right across from the Porte is the Pont de Pierre, a bridge connecting the two sides of the city separated by the Garonne river. It's construction began by order of Napoléon the 1st in 1819 and it is said that the bridge has 17 arches to equal each letter of Napoléon Bonaparte's name.


We then made our way to Place de la Bourse (Stock exchange square), one of the most recognizable sights in Bordeaux. It was built as a royal square, as demanded by King Louis XV. Originally there was a statue of Louis XV himself, but it was destroyed during the French Revolution and today there stands the Three Graces Fountain with 3 statues of Zeus' daughters. Right in front of the Place de la Bourse there is the miroir d'eau (reflecting pool). At 42 meters wide it is the largest reflecting pool in the world and it provides different effetcs- small fountains, mist, or it is just filled shallowly with water and provides for fantastic refections.



(Photo taken in April).


(Photo taken in May).

Our journey ended at Place de la Bourse on my first day in Bordeaux. There is so much to see and this was a great start to my stay here!



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