I'm in France (help!)

Bonjour friends!

I thought I'd give this blog thing a go, seeing as I'm doing something somewhat interesting with my life at the moment. Mainly I think this will be nice to look back on in years to come, and a good way for my fam and pals to have an insight into ma vie.

It's the language thing that's the scary part. Hopefully after a few weeks I'll get used to having to speak in French, because the thing is, I think I'm actually ok at speaking it - it's when someone replies or asks me a question that I panic and I don't know what they've said. Probably because I've done a lot of reading and typing in French, but had next to no experience actually speaking it. So in the moment I struggle to speak or have a conversation, because it's fast and new. It's also exhausting! Hopefully, though, that will improve while I'm here. Uni starts soon, which is terrifying but also good because I should be able to meet other Erasmus students. I'll probs write another blog post after I've started Uni, and have more to say about it!

À bientôt xxx

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